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Presley will be a senior during the 2021 season. A few weeks ago, he settled on a list of eight college programs: Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Kansas, Memphis, Missouri and Vanderbilt.

There are anti-trans bills moving through state legislatures in Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, North Dakota, Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia & Missouri. Trans kids are still fighting for lawmakers to acknowledge their humanity.

There are at least 55 anti-trans sports bills nationwide. States to watch include: Florida Montana North Dakota Tennessee Texas West Virginia Text PROTECT to 472-472 now to help stop them.

The University of Texas at Tyler University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Utah Valley University University of Wisconsin–Madison West Virginia University US Naval Academy Enterprise State Community College (AL) Jefferson State Community College (AL)

The lawsuit was led by Louisiana, with plaintiff states including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

Good #CovidVaccine  news. Texas, Indiana, & Georgia expanding vaccination to all adults over 16. West Virginia, Alaska & Mississippi already do so; Utah and Tennessee up next. Need to assure equity. #GetVaccinated  #MaskOn ! #PublicHealth  drive down cases

Does Your State Tax Business Inventory?: Nine states (Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia) fully tax business inventory, while five additional states (Alaska,… ^ @taxfoundation  #tax  #policy 

Biden’s open border policy has already allowed a lot of COVID infected illegals into he country. that coupled w/ the 100% re-opens in both Texas & West Virginia should lead to be a bit of a COVID spike in 2 weeks IMHO.

AP Top 25 men’s basketball teams that lost this week: 2. Michigan (2x) 6. West Virginia (2x) 7. Ohio State 10. Villanova 11. Florida State 14. Creighton 16. Oklahoma (2x) 17. Oklahoma State 18. Texas Tech 25. Wisconsin (2x)


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Several states have power outages today. But as of 8:30am, TX tops the list.   Texas: 4,307,010 Oregon: 219,641 Kentucky: 150,362 West Virginia: 103,089 Virginia: 77,422 Louisiana: 163,444 Mississippi: 35,268 Ohio: 25,908 Tennessee: 14,667 Arkansas: 36,499 North Carolina: 12,412

West Virginia and Texas Tech linemen threw punches ?

WEST VIRGINIA DOES IT! ? A 2-pt conversion after the Mountaineers' last-minute score beats Texas in Austin.

College football's Week 7 AP poll is out: 1. Alabama 2. Georgia 3. Ohio State 4. Clemson 5. Notre Dame 6. West Virginia 7. Washington 8. Penn State 9. Texas 10. UCF

Earlier this season, Texas sophomore guard Andrew Jones was diagnosed with leukemia. Today, the West Virginia Mountaineers showed their support for the Longhorns.

The latest CBB AP top 10: 1. Villanova 2. West Virginia 3. Virginia 4. Michigan St. 5. Purdue 5. Wichita St. 7. Duke 8. Texas Tech 9. Oklahoma 10. Xavier

New college hoops AP top 10: 1. Villanova 2. Michigan St 3. Arizona St 4. Duke 5. Texas A&M 6. Xavier 7. West Virginia 8. Wichita State 9. Virginia 10. TCU

CBB AP Poll: 1. Villanova 2. Michigan St 3. Arizona St 4. Duke 5. North Carolina 6. Miami 7. Kentucky 8. Texas A&M 9. Xavier 10. West Virginia

Latest CBB AP Top 10: 1. Oklahoma 2. UNC 3. Iowa 4. Kansas 5. Texas A&M 6. Villanova 7. Xavier 8. Maryland 9. West Virginia 10. Providence

And ANOTHER ONE. Texas takes over No. 6 West Virginia, 56-49.

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