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How one brave woman held Germany accountable for father’s suicide in Tel Aviv

Transatlantic carrier La Compagnie to add Milan and Tel Aviv links

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Two concerts given by and for people with autism and other special needs are set to take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. By @HannahBrown972  #Autism  | #Music  | #TelAviv  | #Jerusalem 

Woman killed on bike in Tel Aviv, motorcycle rider killed in crash in the north


If you're in #Singapore  and suffering from #domesticviolence  please contact PAVe Tel: 6555 0390

#IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi will fly to #Washington  on Sunday. It will be the first trip by an Israeli official with Prime Minister Naftali#Bennett  leading the government.

The name of the #TelAviv  #basketball  coach who was arrested for molesting adolescent boys has been published.


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RAW FOOTAGE: This is the moment the Iron Dome intercepted a barrage of rockets over Tel Aviv and central Israel.

Suzanne’s son lives in Israel. They have had to take cover in a safe room from missiles fired at Tel Aviv. She wants to know why innocent citizens are being attacked? #QandA 

One of the 100s of rockets that were just fired from Gaza toward Tel Aviv and central Israel exploded on a civilian bus. Hamas’ intentions are clear: kill Israeli civilians. We won’t stand by and let this happen.

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Sending a big hug to all of the Israelis running to bomb shelters right now. We are with you and will continue to protect all of our citizens. 📽️ Tel Aviv under Hamas rocket fire

🚨 It’s 3AM and more rockets are being fired at Tel Aviv. Families are being woken up & rushed to bomb shelters. 🚨

The escalation of hostilities overnight in Jerusalem & now Tel Aviv is a direct result of the home invasions #SheikJarrah  by government-backed settlers. If it wanted, Israel could halt the bloodshed by ending the siege of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine. Ceasefire needed now

The annexation of Palestinian territory by the Israeli government would make the occupation permanent. That is unacceptable. I was proud to address thousands of Israelis, Arabs and Jews, demonstrating in Tel Aviv against this outcome.

China’s ambassador to Israel found dead in his apartment in a Tel Aviv suburb, Israeli media report

Islamic Nazi wanted an atomic cloud over Tel Aviv. Shame on Dems & their media. If they were patriots they’d be celebrating the president’s decisive action to eliminate this monster rather than giving aid& comfort to the genocidal Iranian regime.Appalling