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Iran has been locked in an acrimonious relationship with Saudi Arabia, the other major West Asian power, over the war in Yemen, Iranian influence in Iraq and Saudi support for Washington’s sanctions on Tehran.

A peaceful solution for Iran already exists in the framework of the nuclear deal. The JCPOA is a door to more diplomacy between Tehran and West and can pave the way for potential agreements on other issues. Neither Iranians nor Americans want war at a time of a global pandemic.

#BREAKING: A number of explosions were heard west of #Tehran , according to #Iranian  reports.

Sabotage, sanctions and the bullying of #Iran  is bound to backfire on the west. The onslaught visited on Tehran by Trump, Israel and other bully boys can only increase tensions in the Middle East.

BREAKING: Reports of at least one explosion west of Iran's capital Tehran, also claims about power outage in the entire area.

Explosion reported in west Tehran, denied by official

Explosion reported in west Tehran, denied by officials

Explosion reported in west #Tehran , denied by official

#BREAKING #Iran  ’s Fars News Agency denies reported explosion in west Tehran, says electricity was unavailable for a few minutes in the area – SkyNews Arabia

As Israel prepares for the “opportunity of the century” by intending to annex the West Bank, @ArianeTabatabai  and @hrome2  write that Tehran could benefit as much as Tel Aviv when it happens.


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It’s an ammunition dump. It’s an IRGC base. It’s a power plant. It’s the Israelis. It’s an accident. It’s in the west of Tehran. It’s in the northeast of Tehran. What we know so far about the big explosion tonight in Tehran.

Promises kept: Today, President "renewed sanctions on Iran as he followed through on vows to unravel the Obama-era nuclear deal with Tehran," Rich Edson reports for Fox News. Read more in tonight's edition of West Wing Reads:

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#Iran says meeting with parties to 2015 nuclear deal in Vienna Sunday was 'constructive' The emergency talks were in response to an escalation in tensions between Iran and the West that included confrontations at sea and Tehran’s breaches of the accord.

BREAKING: Iranian state TV: Boeing 707 Kyrgyz cargo plane crashes west of Tehran amid severe weather, 10 crew feared killed

An alleged plot to bomb a gathering of Iranian opposition groups outside Paris could mark Tehran's escalation of violent covert operations in the West.

Will West condemn Tehran terror attacks? Europe will. Obama woulda. Will Trump? Will Eiffel Tower & Brandenburg Gate be lit w Iran flag?

Even President Obama admits that Tehran will use its sanctions relief to fund terrorism against the West. This appeasement must end.

Tehran and West agree on parameters of deal for Iran’s nuclear program:

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Tehran and West agree on parameters of deal for Iran’s nuclear program:

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