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⚠️ ACTION NEEDED: Human rights defender Alireza Farshi DizajYekan is being arbitrarily detained in Tehran for advocating for mother tongue rights. He is being denied access to health care. Write a letter to the Iranian gov. Demanding his release ⬇️

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#OPINION : The problem with the Biden administration’s approach is that it treats Tehran’s political regime as stable, even though that is far from the reality, writes @bilarakib 

Israel fears Iran’s nuclear progress, but Tehran has other problems | Amos Harel

Israel fears Iran’s nuclear progress, but Tehran has other problems

#Iran 's supreme leader on Wednesday declared Tehran would not accept Washington's "stubborn" demands in talks to revive a 201 #nucleardeal  and said th #US  had failed to guarantee that it would never abandon the pact again.

Iran's supreme leader calls the United States "stubborn" in stalled nuclear talks for discussing Tehran's missiles and regional influence.

Iran's supreme leader called the U.S. "stubborn" in stalled nuclear talks in Vienna for discussing Tehran's missiles and regional influence

APNewsAlert: TEHRAN, #Iran  @AP ) - Iran supreme leader calls US 'stubborn' in stalled nuclear talks for discussing Tehran's missiles and regional influence.

The US is once again putting off the pressure against Iran in the nuclear talks, but Tehran is still racing towards a nuclear weapon. All Israel can do is try to ensure Iran never gets the bomb. Editorial | #Iranian  | #Nuclear  | #Israel 

Over 200 state institutions in Tehran disconnected from power grid, reports suggest


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BREAKING: Iran issues arrest warrants for Trump and 35 others in relation to Islamic Revolution Guard Corps commander Qasem Soleimani's death, the semi-official Fars news agency reports. The Tehran attorney general says Trump was at the top of the list.

Congratulations to all involved in eliminating Qassem Soleimani. Long in the making, this was a decisive blow against Iran's malign Quds Force activities worldwide. Hope this is the first step to regime change in Tehran.

Tehran Pelosi handing out impeachment pens as souvenirs, how classy.

Iran mistakenly shot down Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed on Wednesday near Tehran, US media report

TEHRAN NANCY. There’s been Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Jane. Now we have Tehran Nancy. Henceforth, Pelosi has earned the moniker Tehran Nancy.

The way the President has handled Iran is masterful. Now it's time for the socialist Democrats to stop defending Tehran and start defending America.

Aw, is Tehran Nancy so wise? She not only gets her news from the kooks at CNN, but her constitutional advice from a disbarred lawyer.

The Iranians attack our embassy and Tehran Nancy seeks to limit the president’s ability to defend Americans.

I’m sure Tehran Nancy her ilk, including on the Democrat Party-press, will jump all over this. Not. Nonetheless, it’s important and newsworthy.

Iran, today. - Fired missiles at US base in Iraq - Threatened to strike locations in Israel and the UAE - Qassem Soleimani buried - Ukrainian Boeing 737 with 180 passengers crashes near Tehran - 4.9 magnitude earthquake in country's southwestern region