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Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Oil, The MIC, all of them are or have been disturbing to different degrees at different times for different reasons. But at this moment I believe Big Tech may be revealing itself to be the greatest immediate threat to society by any corporatocracy.

What’s the future of digital tech in our lives? What’s on the cards for online shopping? ‘The Future of Digital’ – fourth in a series of Collectibles from The Economic Times will be out on Oct 28. To book your copy ask your vendor or visit

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That @nationalpost  front page article arguing tech companies should pay for news publishers for linking to news articles? Postmedia posted the article to Facebook 11 times. More on why the @NewspaperCanada  proposal is deeply flawed here

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In the course of 15 years as editor of the Financial Times@lionelbarber  covered the global financial crisis, the tech boom, Brexit – and much more. The Powerful and the Damned is his private account of that time. Read on for some exclusive extracts👇

#EarningsWithETNOW | @tech_mahindra  Q2 review: Beat on margins and strong deal wins @Poonam_Times 

THROWBACK THURSDAY 📱 Wow, how times (and tech) have changed! Story about mobile phones, circa October 1985. Meanwhile, here’s a look at the latest in cellphone technology:

THROWBACK THURSDAY 📱 Wow, how times (and tech) have changed! Our story about mobile phones, circa October 1985. Meanwhile, here’s a look at the latest in cellphone technology: #throwbackthursday  #1980s  #80s  #tech  #tulsa  #oklahoma 

“For proactive tech workers, self-directed projects in emerging areas can provide new career opportunities and a sense of security in uncertain times,” writes @lifetronics . #careers  #techcareers  #techskills 

Supermarkets gear up for lockdown, Rivada’s US bid, and your home security tech: The best news, analysis and comment from The Irish Times business desk.

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A look at the well-funded Big Tech opponents, from lawyers to academics, that have helped guide potential government regulation like Google's antitrust suit (New York Times)


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Big Tech's bias is clear and obvious. Twitter and Facebook have censored President@realDonaldTrump  and his campaign at least 65 times combined. Yet they haven't touched any of Joe Biden's accounts even once.

@FoxNews laid off a bunch of behind the scenes people today. Some damn good people who worked insane hours to put out good work, many times without notice. I noticed it and thanked them all the time for making my life easier. Tech folks. What a bunch of bull.

Let me break it down for you: — Zuckerberg's wealth grows by $28,538 per minute — Today's Big Tech hearing was 6.5 hours, so 390 minutes — $28,538 x 390 = $11,129,820, which is 230 times the median salary of a U.S. worker ($48,328) Still think it's radical to tax the rich?

TikTok's been downloaded OVER 110M TIMES in the US It’s owned by a Beijing-based tech company It's required to adhere to Chinese law That means it can be compelled to cooperate with intelligence work controlled by China's Communist Party

⏲ Long load times? Where we’re going, we don’t need long load times. Watch the Xbox Series X Tech Demo: #PowerYourDreams 

KAINE reveals that Trump admin *seven times* approved transfers of nuclear tech expertise to Saudi Arabia -- including twice after the murder of Jamal KHASHOGGI.

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Unfortunately, a study showing massive sexism in the tech industry, which was retweeted over a thousand times earlier today, including by me, appears to have been completely fake.

The last three times an unranked Pitt played an AP top-3 team: 2002: Won vs Virginia Tech 2007: Won vs West Virginia Today: Won vs Clemson

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GAME TIMES - THURS - 7:07 - CBS - Loyola (IL) vs NV 7:37 - TBS - TX A&M vs Mich After 1 - CBS - K-State vs KY After 2 - TBS - FL St. vs Gonzaga - FRI - 7:07 - CBS - Clemson vs KS 7:37 - TBS - W. VA/Marshall vs Nova After 1 - CBS - Cuse vs Duke After 2 - TBS - TX Tech vs Purdue