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'Teaching them respect for the police is near impossible when they're consistently treated like this.' This Shelagh Fogarty caller tells LBC his black foster sons have been 'manhandled so many times by the police' but never charged with any offence. @ShelaghFogarty 

Parents have had a look inside the black box of teaching – the relationship with schools will never be the same again

I interviewed Ndona Muboyayi. She worries that the public school system is teaching her Black children in ways that disempower them while prejudicially stereotyping whites. Here is the piece: I can share a few more things she told me, too.

Parents have had a look inside the black box of teaching – the relationship with schools will never be the same again | @Ed_Dorrell 

A teaching union with over 300,000 members has voted to 'decolonise the curriculum' by reflecting black history in all subjects taught in school, including cooking and maths. @NickFerrariLBC  asks: is this a good idea?

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Again, to these people, any discussion that doesn’t take whiteness as a default constitutes “critical race theory” Nike ad with Black women? Critical race theory Teaching HS about slavery? Critical race theory Corporate diversity initiatives? Critical race theory

Teaching personal finance to kids can help to close the Black wealth gap #investinyou  (In partnership with @acorns .)

This new Barbie short film is teaching Black girls to seek joy, step into their power, follow their curiosity, and raise their voices 🙌🏾


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Grad student admits lying about being black, resigns teaching position

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“This doesn’t have to be about black children reading black books. This is about teaching everybody the culture and the history” - when Jeanette Kwakye couldn’t find a book for her two-year-old son she decided to write one.??

"My daughters, watching history, and learning there should be NO LIMIT to what they can do." The moment Kamala Harris was sworn in to become the first female, first Black and first South Asian VP was an inspirational teaching moment for parents and kids

Excited to announce that I'm working with @ITV  to bring you Alison Hammond: Back To School! I'm on a journey to learn about black figures throughout the ages who have been overlooked in the pages of British history & I'll be exploring current teaching of history in our schools.

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A schoolteacher whose body, face and tongue are covered in tattoos and who has had the whites of his eyes surgically turned black said he was prevented from teaching at a French kindergarten after a parent complained he scared their child

@RutgersU 's English department will no longer emphasize teaching proper English grammar or standard academic forms of writing in an effort to "stand with and respond" to the Black Lives Matter movement.

We can't ignore the ugly reality: black parents are terrified that teaching kids to “survive” the police won't be enough. #blacklivesmatter 

64% of black children don’t know how to swim, but this organization is trying to change that by teaching women of color how to surf.

@HowardU  Middle School parents say principal fired instructors for teaching black history

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