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"Cross us, and you will quickly find the steel beneath the velvet" - President Celes Asguard

U.S. needs to maintain strong trade measure to prevent steel import surge -group

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President Biden crossed himself and stood silently Monday in front of the memorial at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, which features a steel beam from the World Trade Center.

Japan initiates WTO dispute complaint against Chinese steel duties #TradeDisputes 

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"Theatre people are sometimes misjudged as hysterical drama queens. In fact, they’re mostly level-headed risk-takers with nerves of steel. But even the hardiest spirits are buckling after 16 months of sustained pressure" | Writes@domcavendish 

EU, US seek to jump-start talks on steel

The EU is expected to roll out a new plan to hit steel, aluminum, cement, fertilizers and electricity with a carbon border tariff based on the EU carbon price. The bloc hopes its G7 allies will join in the dance, but Japan and the US are not convinced.

12:01:20 p.m. - PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - The Chair designated Mrs. Steel to lead the Members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Looking to clean your stainless steel? Mrs Hinch fans recommend using 'WD40' #cleaningtips 


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Trump is the #1  expert on… - Taxes - Construction - Campaign finance - Drones - Technology - U.S. History - Infrastructure - ISIS - Facebook - Renewables - Polls - Courts - Steel workers - Golf - Banks - Nuclear arms - The system - Debt - Politicians …according to Donald Trump

Franz throws steel ball at Cybertruck window right before launch. Guess we have some improvements to make before production haha.

Steel prices, up. Lumber prices, up. Poultry prices, up. Beef prices, up. Seafood prices, up. Egg prices, up. Fruit prices, up. Vegetable prices, up. Cereal prices, up. Orange juice prices, up. Coffee prices, up. And don’t forget gas prices. #Bidinflation 

Tata Trusts has committed Rs 500 Crores to fight #Coronavirus . Chariman Ratan Tata says, "urgent emergency resources need to be deployed to cope with the needs of fighting the COVID19 crisis." (file pic)

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Joe Biden is a globalist who spent 47 years outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars. He shuttered your steel mills, annihilated your coal jobs, and supported every disastrous trade deal for half a century...

As VP, Biden wiped out the Iron Range – seven plants were idled and more than 2K workers were laid off. After I put Tariffs on foreign steel, the Iron Range came roaring back to life! If Joe gets in, the Radical Left will shut down the Iron Range FOREVER!

Watched the parents of martyred Col. Babu being interviewed on TV channels. I was struck by their composure, courage & pride. If this steel spine runs through all parents of our armed forces personnel, then our adversaries should recognise they are up against an unyielding force.

There is NO WAY a place like Pennsylvania can vote for the Radical Left and their puppet, Joe Biden, when they are against fracking, steel production, and just about everything else that Pennsylvania stands for. Likewise, Texas, and many other states!!!

My eyes welled with tears viewing this. It shows a turning point in the war that Trump is waging. That’s not hyperbole. Destabilizing the election. Press freedoms compromised. Steel yourself. Expect more of this. Then ask yourself: what will you do?

Tata Sons contributes additional Rs 1000 Crores to fight #COVID19 .

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