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NCLAT has set aside a plea challenging an NCLT order that rejected the petition to initiate insolvency proceedings against Tata Chemicals for claimed operational debt of Rs 68.44 crore

Tata Motors & Mahindra hike prices across segments after increased manufacturing cost due to #COVID . @uttkarsh311090  @TataMotors 

Tata Chemicals was also to acquire an existing silica plant at Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu from Allied Silica.


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I demanded tata'>Anthony Tata withdraw his nomination to be the Pentagon's #3  official because he’s an Islamophobic conspiracy theorist who is totally unqualified. @EsperDoD  put him in the job anyway. Shame on you, Mr. Secretary.

[UCC] BTS V's brainchild BT21 character TATA craze engulfs the globe with its skyrocketing popularity

NEW story: We found more conspiracy and inflammatory tweets from tata'>Anthony Tata – the White Houses' pick to be the third ranking official at the Pentagon. Including sharing a conspiracy Obama was "Manchurian candidate" trying to take down America.

NEW: tata'>Anthony Tata, the White House's nominee for a top position at the Pentagon has a history of making Islamophobic and inflammatory comments including calling former President Obama a Muslim who “normalized Islam.”

Tata Trusts has committed Rs 500 Crores to fight #Coronavirus . Chariman Ratan Tata says, "urgent emergency resources need to be deployed to cope with the needs of fighting the COVID19 crisis." (file pic)

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General tata'>Anthony Tata: “President Trump is a man of his word & he said he was going to be tough on the Border, and he is tough on the Border. He has rightfully strengthened the Border in the face of an unprecedented threat. It’s the right move by President Trump.” Thanks General!

General tata'>Anthony Tata, author, “Dark Winter.” I think the President is making the exact right move in Syria. All the geniuses who are protesting the withdrawal of troops from Syria are the same geniuses who cooked the books on ISIS intelligence and gave rise to ISIS.”

Tata Sons contributes additional Rs 1000 Crores to fight #COVID19 .

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Congrats to PM ji & ji for a historic breakthrough in resolving legacy issues of Banks. Lenders recovered almost entire principal loan of Bhushan Steel through Rs 36,400 cr transparent bid by Tata Steel and also got 12% stake in the company.

I cherish the times I spent with you, embracing me in your family & home. You were Woman of strength that endured so much hardship and sacrifice. Without you we would not know anything about Tata and his 27 years. You will remain in my heart!! R.I.P WINNIE MANDELA ♥️????