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Items included a contract to create a data center that will track and evaluate police training and practices in the field, the permanent phased-in use of tasers, and a BolaWrap pilot program for members of the police department's behavioral health team.

The Culberson County Commissioner's Court will be providing essential funding to equip all of the Sheriff's Office Deputies with new generation tasers.

A police officer has crash tackled an alleged thief after he pulled out a bloodied syringe on a street in Cairns. Sensational footage captured by an onlooker shows police surrounding the man with tasers drawn, following reports he had stolen from a nearby business. #9News 

“I am a collector of odd things,” NorCal Rapist suspect Roy Waller said as he tried to explain why his lockers held rolls of duct tape — some pink, others camouflage color — zip ties, a box of condoms, ski masks, two Tasers and other items. By @StantonSam 

Council delays decisions on Tasers, creating a data tracking system for police

Family of #WalterWallaceJr  say they don't want murder charges for police, saying they didn't have proper equipment or training. He was having a mental health crisis when family called 911 for help. Police came, none had Tasers. They shot him 14 times in 30 seconds, say lawyers.

City lawmakers consider buying Tasers, to dismay of some community groups

The officers who opened fire on #WalterWallaceJr  — firing a total of 14 bullets — were not equipped with Tasers. But they should have been, along with every other patrol officer on the force, according to former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

The cops who shot Walter Wallace Jr. didn't have Tasers. Here's why that might not have made a difference

Wallace’s family and their attorney said they want to see all Philadelphia Police officers equipped with Tasers.


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A pregnant inmate had a miscarriage days after being tased —a recent report relates her story to the over 100 inmate deaths that were linked to tasers

The Philadelphia police officers who killed #Walter WallaceJr while he was having a mental health crisis did not have Tasers. They shot him at least 14 times. His mother said family had told the officers Wallace was having a crisis: "They stood there and laughed at us."

Arrest warrants have been issued for 6 Atlanta police officers after video showed officers firing Tasers and dragging 2 college students, Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young, from a car.

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Oklahoma cops charged with murder after using tasers "more than 50 times" on victim.

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2 Oklahoma police officers have been charged with second-degree murder after they used Tasers more than 50 times on a man who later died, according to court records

Medical workers trying to save lives have gone months without adequate masks, gloves, and gowns. Police officers cracking down on protest are fully equipped with rubber bullets, pepper spray, and tasers. Maybe it is time that we fundamentally rethink our national priorities.

Since 2000, more than 1000 people in the United States have died from police-inflicted stun gun encounters. Tasers can not, by any stretch of the imagination, be called "non-lethal."

This jail's use of tasers has gotten so abusive, it's drawn the attention of UN torture experts and politicians

Police officers have been granted wide latitude to use their tasers. In this video, a 17-year-old went into cardiac arrest after he was tased in the chest for 23 seconds. The officer went on trial, but even prosecutors said the taser use was reasonable.

WATCH: Virginia cop instructs black man to turn his back — then Tasers him for no reason

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