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Fumio Kishida, Japan's current Prime Minister has to kiss ass to 3 power players in the LDP. It's a political partie carrée, with yen as the lubricant. His 3 bed buddies: Aso Taro Amari Akira Abe Shinzo Known here as "3A" Known to journalists as the "3 Assholes"

Yoko Taro, the creative director behind the Nier series tells WIRED about his inspirations—and how AI plays a role in the future of game design.

The committee overseeing upper Stoney Creek’s Taro industrial dump will only meet once a year because it can’t find the four allotted citizen representatives — although it hasn’t tried as hard as it's been led to believe #HamOnt 

Kishida apologizes for Taro Aso's gaffe on climate change

Effectively demoted after his unsuccessful LDP leadership bid, former vaccine czar Taro Kono needs to maintain his public popularity while hoping the party's views move closer to his own.

#CookingGuide Naadan chembu asthram or taro root curry: Discover a classic #Keralarecipe  from the past Made with a handful of ingredients, this dish can be made under 30 minutes!

Tim Kono’s real killer has finally been revealed on #OMITB 

Hulu’s #OMITB  wrapped Season 1 and Tim Kono’s real killer has finally been revealed

The Ltaro kono'>DP’s Taro Kono is busy stumping for people planning to run in the upcoming lower house election, traveling to 26 constituencies in 10 days as the party’s “face of the election.”

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Welcome to Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, a spellbinding card-based RPG with an enchanting, narrated fantasy story. #VoiceOfCards  comes from the minds of YOKO TARO & Yosuke Saito. Download the demo now & play the full game 10/28! #NintendoDirect 

The move led to a hashtag meaning "I've been blocked by Mr. Kono" in Japanese to trend with more than 33,000 tweets.

Japanese minister Taro Aso praises Hitler, saying he had 'right motives'

The once-delayed #TokyoOlympics  may not go ahead this summer as planned, Japanese cabinet minister Taro Kono said in an interview at the #ReutersNext  conference

“We will be in big trouble when Biden wins, because he will suck up to China,” the journalist Taro Kimura said on Japanese television.

Cackling at Yoko Taro telling Edge that his game of the generation is “Ico on the PS2”

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Japan-U.S. confirm bilateral treaty covers isles disputed with China, Kono says

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Weekend is here so here’s a treat ? Tofu & Taro

#breaking Japan has “some suspicions” on Kim Jong Un’s health, Japan’s Defense Minister said at a press briefing: “We have some suspicions about his [Kim Jong Un’s] health,” said Defense Minister Taro Kano when explaining that recent movements in North Korea are “quite strange.”

The perfect workout buddy ? (via @kono_in_orlando )