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Geagea: Hizbullah is holding the cabinet hostage …until the port blast investigation is closed #Lebanon  (cabinet can’t convene; Shia parties threaten to walk out if Judge Bitar is not removed from the case)

Tension over Beirut blast probe deepens #Lebanon  political crisis “the mechanism they a @mahamyahyae  trying to put in place is one that would try to control the investigation and the movements of Bitar and what he finds”

2pm EST today 👇🏽 I'll be speaking on Islam and politics at @BYU  along with Harvard's Tarek Masoud I expect we'll be wading into some difficult, controversial territory Watch it LIVE right here:

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#Lebanon faces possible prolonged political paralysis- Prime Minister Najib Mikati says he won’t convene cabinet until a solution is found to differences over the 2020 Beirut port explosion investigation led by Tarek Bitar

By vigorously investigating the #Beirut  Blast, Judge Bitar threatens "Lebanon’s post-civil war order built on amnesty and amnesia. He is seeking accountability in a country plagued by political interference that undermines the judicial system."

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UPDATED TIME: We will host @HPE 's 2021 virtual Securities Analyst Meeting (SAM) on October 28 at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Join the live webcast to hear #HPE  CEO @AntonioNeri_HPE  and CFO Tarek Robbiati discuss HPE’s vision, strategy and financial outlook. $HPE

Last week there was a heated discussion & cabinet adjourned- Hizbullah and Amal ministers threatening to walk out if clear stance against Bitar is not taken; political decision in this matter is assault on separation of powers; Mikati has said removing judge not up to politician

#Lebanon PM Mikati says Higher Judicial Council (which will meet Judge Bitar Thursday) does not have the right” to ask Bitar to step down, noting that the issue needs time to be resolved - Hizbullah and Amal pushing for Bitar to be removed calling him politicised

Spokesman for families of victims in Beirut denies being pressured to U-turn his stance on the judge who is investigating -- says Bitar should step down. Others say they want the judge to remain. via @lorienttoday 


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A sniper opens fire at a Hezbollah-Amal protest to demand the removal of Bitar, the judge in charge of investigating the Beirut port explosion. There are dead and wounded. A very dangerous escalation

VIDEO: LB The Lebanese army are deployed in #Beirut  as gunfire exchanges turn the capital into a war zone a few blocks from the Justice Palace, where hundreds of protesters had gathered to demand the removal of judge Tarek Bitar, the lead investigator in the port blast

As it happens, the US wiped 3 Afghan villages off the face of the earth in 2010. They were called Tarek Kolache, Khosrow Sofia and Lower Babur. These are the details of a 20-year war that don’t get remembered, let alone discussed. This barbarism was not hypothetical. It was fact.

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#WATCH #SaudiArabia  's karate star Tarek Hamdi welcomed with celebrations on his arrival in Jeddah, after bringing home the kingdom's second silver in its histor #Tokyo2020 

I'm totally unsurprised by this report's findings. That James Packer welcomed "faceless men" Karl Bitar and Mark Arbib into his inner circle, despite them infecting Canberra with a rotten political culture, speaks volumes about his values as a businessman.

@NMenonRao  : Any Muslim with credentials such as that of Tarek Fateh is welcome if he/ she wants to bond with Hindutva forces. After all their ancestors too belong to our soil. So we make a common cause against terror, gender discrimination and herd mentality

"Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law, not only grow these palm plantations on stolen land using exploited Palestinian labour, but divert water away from Palestinian villages" — write @TaherHerzallah  & Tarek Khaill for #AJOpinion 

"This Ramadan, make the right choice and boycott dates that exploit Palestinian land and labour and contribute to the oppression of the Palestinian people." — #AJOpinion , by Taher Herzallah & Tarek Khaill

"This Ramadan, make the right choice and do not buy dates from companies that exploit Palestinian land and labour." — by Taher Herzallah &a #AJOpinionp ; Tarek Khaill

“20 times Pakistani-Canadian writer Tarek Fatah has tweeted fake news – often with a communal bite” - one of the worst people on Twitter. Beware!