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An ancient temple complex dating back to the State of Nanzhao, a slave society established during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), was recently found in southwest China's Yunnan

Two ancient tombs decorated with rare murals dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) have been discovered in northwest China's Shaanxi. The delicate paintings contain scenes of huren, tribesmen from the north, training horses and leading camels

Originally built in Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Pujiu Temple in Yongji, north China's Shanxi Province is now known in China for its association with a love story from an ancient romance play.

OPINION | DISCIPLINING THE BAD BOYS During the Han dynasty, breaching the salt monopoly was punishable by cutting off an offender's left foot. In the Tang dynasty, it meant death. Nina Xiang asks, what about today?

Red and ready! Mangkang county that sits along the Lancang River in SW China's Tibet is known for the ancient salt pans. The area has a long history of salt production that can date back to Tang Dynasty (618-907).

The scroll depicts five princes, including Li Longji, who later became the longest-reigning Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty

When relics come alive... Travel back in time 1,000+ years to find out what's trendy in China's Tang Dynasty

A Tang dynasty monk and his secret candy recipe

Dating back to the Tang dynasty in China, the history of porcelain is a rich one – In this week’s #podcast , Mike Freemantle investigates


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Meet the world’s largest Buddha: Leshan Giant Buddha in SW China’s Sichuan was carved out of a cliff face and stands 71 meters high. It was built in Tang Dynasty (618-907) and took over 90 years to finish.

Check out the beautiful views of Xi'an, NW China's Shaanxi province. It is as if the city has returned to the Tang Dynasty.

This is among the tallest and most intact set of Tang dynasty tomb figures. Known as ‘sancai’, these are thought to be from the tomb of Liu Tingxun, an official who died in AD 728

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#ChinaBuzz Holding hands from the Tang Dynasty: Street artists dressed in Tang-dynasty costumes perform as "tumbler doll" and shake hands with tourists at Datang Everbright City in Xi'an, NW #China 's Shaanxi Province

#AmazingChina : Check out Leshan Giant Buddha in SW China’s Sichuan, a masterpiece built in Tang Dynasty(618-907). It is the largest stone statue in the world and christened by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage sites.

Fanjing Mountain in SW China's Guizhou Province is a #UNESCO  World Heritage Site and one of the most sacred mountains in China, known for its rich Buddhism presence that stretches back to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

Travel back in time 1,000 years! This man has an adventure in Tang Dynasty, one of the most prosperous dynasties in Chinese history

Trump’s 5yo granddaughter has gone viral in China, reciting Tang Dynasty poetry (VIDEO)

Trump’s 5yo granddaughter has gone viral in China, reciting Tang Dynasty poetry (VIDEO)