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In Kabul, me and @JeffSempleGN  met smart, confident, educated, professional women who now find themselves having to take orders from illiterate Taliban men with guns. They are among the many Afghans trying to get to Canada, as evacuations have stalled.

While it is important not to minimize the threats that jihadi groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda still pose to the Middle East and the world, it will be difficult for them to establish footholds in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, @colebunzel  argues.

When the president who pledged to restore “unity” denounces Glenn Youngkin as an extremist but never seems motivated enough to criticize the Taliban… I mean, the only appropriate response is, ‘let’s go, Brandon.”

8/ UPDATE: ISIS-K challenging Taliban, ‘declares war on China’

President Biden has not publicly demanded that the Taliban stop blocking evacuation flights, permit Afghan special-immigrant-visa holders to leave the country, or open the borders to those who don’t want to live under the Taliban’s rule.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Did Not Predict Taliban’s Rapid Takeover Of Kabul, Report Says

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Even before the Taliban’s takeover, Afghanistan produced 10% of the world’s refugees. Now, half a million people could flee the country by the end of the year.

A federal government mistake led to the circulation of the names, emails and sometimes even photos of hundreds of stranded Afghans trying to escape the Taliban.

A senior Pentagon official said it was still unclear whether the Taliban has the ability to fight ISIS effectively.

“They are not oracles,” said one US official. US intel agencies failed to foresee rapid Taliban takeover before US forces withdrew. Via @vmsalama ⁩ @wstrobel ⁩


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Somebody should tell Biden that the Taliban are unvaccinated. Maybe then he'll get angry at them.

The Taliban is on @Twitter . So is Iran’s Supreme Leader. But Twitter bans former President Trump. Save us from this madness, God!

The Taliban are now in possession of more Blackhawk helicopters than approximately 166 other nations around the globe!!!  Basically, Biden has gifted Taliban 20 billion dollars worth of most dangerous military hardware in the world. #BidenIsALaughingstock 

The same government that released the names of thousands of Americans trapped behind terrorist lines in Afghanistan to the Taliban will not release a list of names of two terrorist killed by a supposed drone strike… Let that sink in and what does it tell you?

Taliban started door to door search looking for govt officials, former police & security forces members & those who worked for foreign countries NGOs or infrastructures in Afghanistan. At least 3 journalists' houses were searched in the last hour. Kabul is now becoming deadly..

Walking around kabul. Hard stares. Mood changing. People not just sad, but angry, blaming the US for abandoning the country to war, chaos, and the Taliban

We have confirmed the @nytimes ⁩ scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan. From @nakashimae ⁩ @missy_ryan ⁩ me and @shaneharris ⁩

So the US Government knew so little about what was happening in Afghanistan that they had no idea the Afghan Security Forces would evaporate and the Taliban immediately take over, but they were able to find within 24 hours the precise ISIS-K "planner" to kill? OK.

Women protesting against the Taliban in Kabul, asking for political and social rights. What extraordinary bravery looks like.