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Prince Hall was a free African American in Boston at a time of revolutionary fervor—and a transformative figure whose story deserves to be reinstated into the tale of America’s creation, @dsallentess  writes.

A Tale of Two Americas: Coming up tonight at 7pm ET, the first of a two-part interview with Barstool President@stoolpresidente  on his mission to save small businesses.

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A tale of two Americas: As restaurants around the country are facing crippling lockdown restrictions, I sat down with the Mayor of Miami @FrancisSuarez  discussing how their small businesses are seeing success despite the pandemic.

The tale of two Americas. The S&P 500 gained more than 16 percent in 2020 in a year of steep job losses and widespread financial pain

A tale of two Americas: Comparing how law enforcement handled the Capitol riots vs BLM protests

"...a perfect tale in microcosm about how America’s intellectual elite manages to lose elections to people like Donald Trump. It’s a two-step error. First, they put people like Summers in charge of economic policies. Then, they let them talk in public."

Spare the fairy tale that America’s “regional influence” games in the Middle East are about promoting human rights for kids who believe in Santa Clause and lets have an adult discussion about what interest, if any, we have in caring which brutal autocracy has influence there.

A tale of 2 Americas: Walter Wallace was shot multiple times and killed by Philly PD yesterday. He allegedly had a knife and suffered from mental illness. Now compare his shooting to the way police responded to a mentally ill knife wielding white man...

Here's the inside tale of hypergrowth, executive turnover, legal turmoil and the whims of fashion at America’s charm bracelet foundry: by @KristinStoller 

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@RominaAdi  . an @MoniqueOMadand  explore South Florida’s tale of two immigration systems: How thousands of immigrants are languishing in detention centers, families torn apart, while some of Latin America’s richest — and in some cases most corrupt — are living comfortably in Miami.


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The tale of America’s latest chart-topping song reads like 2020 Mad Libs.

"We are really just battling one problem. America as a tale of two cities," says @ChrisCuomo  on the death of George Floyd. "One the majority, one the minority. The last three months exposed these parallel Americas."

It's a tale of two Americas: an America that recognizes our BOOMING economy & an America (led by #Dems  & #MSM ) that's convinced #Trump  is the worst thing that has EVER happened for USA. Which side are YOU on? #TrishRegan 

#HARRIET tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes: ?

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