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Trump's indictment ... Look back: A mega snowstorm dumps six inches per hour ... School bus converted into a taco hot spot

RT @khoslaventures : @vkhosla  on @CNBCClosingBell  shares his thoughts on SVB and more. Full interview with @jonfortt  ->

Taco Bell has announced plans to bring back a discontinued item — and fans will get to decide which one makes it on the menu.

Taco Bell to bring back one of 2 discontinued items based on fans’ votes

Taco Bell fans can vote to bring back either the Beefy Crunch Burrito or Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco 🤔

@KennyBellWMP Happy retirement Kenny! 🚔👮‍♂️

This week’s Slate News Quiz will be the taco the town.

Manhattan grand jury indicts Trump ... A mega snowstorm dumps six inches per hour ... School bus converted into a taco hot spot

After years of running a successful taco catering company, Taylor's Tacos finally has a storefront. Plus five other new restaurants in Chicagoland. @nickdk  and @lauryn_azu  have more


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For every retweet of this tweet, Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives. Here’s my 5 cents. Where’s yours? #BellLetsTalk 

For everyone who retweets this, Bell will donate 5 cents to Canadian Mental Health. I love that they do this every year. #BellLetsTalk 

It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day! Check out how these celebrities look after their own mental health and join the conversation. For each video view, Bell donates an additional 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives. #BellLetsTalk 

One of these is not like the other: - Taco Bell CEO: We’ll pay all of our employees no matter what. - Delta CEO: I am forgoing my entire salary for 6 months to avoid layoffs. - Whole Foods CEO: Employees who are not sick should “donate” their vacation time to sick employees.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. For every view of this video ?, Bell will donate 5¢ towards Canadian mental health initiatives. Watch now and retweet this post to help us spread the word! #BellLetsTalk 

At age 23, Sean Bell had his entire life planned out. A young father dedicated to his family & friends. In the early hours of what would've been his wedding day, his life was cut short when the NYPD fired 50 rounds at him. This is his story.

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For every retweet of this, Bell will donate 5 cents to Canadian Mental Health Programs, and I think that’s amazing. #BellLetsTalk 

Um, Mr. Lavar Bell..i DID try and tell ya. I most certainly did. You cut checks your son couldn't cash. I did warn you sir. I really did.

For every tweet and retweet with #BellLetsTalk  today, 5¢ goes to mental health initiatives. So, let’s see how many retweets we can get.