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'No question of deportation of foreign Tablighis as criminal case existed against them', MHA tells SC.

#JustIn | Centre informs SC that it has blacklisted 2765 foreign Tablighis for participating in Nizamuddin Jamaat. It says many are not traceable and 1,906 look out circulars have been issued while 11 states have lodged 205 FIRs against them for violating lockdown norms.

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#Breaking | Tablighi Jamaat case: MHA sumbmitted affidavit in Supreme Court. 2679 visas of foreign Tablighis have been cancelled. TIMES NOW's Harish with details.

Centre says the foreign Tablighis who participated in the Jamaat event at Nizamuddin while on tourist visa will be prosecuted under Visa Rules and Foreigners Act.

Centre says it has so far cancelled visas of 2679 foreign Tablighis, including nine overseas citizen of India card holders. It said 227 foreign Tablighis had left India before issuance of lookout circular or blacklisting order.

@nikhil19379  @ShekharGuptaYes  I did have a view and did condemn the Tablighis when they had a congregation. But you will never condemn this Rath Yatra gathering and will only point fingers at the former. That’s the difference between you and me. 😜

#Exclusive | First pictures of Markaz Chief Maulana Saad accessed. Man who instigated Tablighis now ducks @DelhiPolice  as he snuck out for Friday prayers. Time to offer prayers but no time to join the probe? Details by Siddhant.

#Breaking | Probe against Tablighis intensifies, Marakaz boss Saad to be questioned soon. Crime branch questions other accused, statements of 6 accused have been recorded. TIMES NOW's Priyank with details.

EXPLOSIVE #EXCLUSIVE  | Foreign Tablighis wanted in Delhi, but Bengal issues ‘pass’ for Dhaka. Forces halt ‘appeasement drive’ & Centre suspects State complicity. ‘Markaz first but not matrubhoomi?’ Join Navika Kumar on @thenewshour  at 9:30 PM. | #MamataMarkazFreePass 


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#Breaking | India bans 'super-spreaders'. Over 2000 foreign Tablighis banned for 10 years: Sources. TIMES NOW's Nikunj Garg with details.

#Breaking | Tablighis create nuisance at a shelter home in Rajasthan's Alwar. TIMES NOW's Arvind with details.

Those who've died from #Corona  must not remain mere statistics. I speak to Abdul Hameed whose father died on 1st April in Indore. "I urge you all, take it seriously. My father died in 3 days." He says "This virus has no religion. tablighis'>Punish Tablighis, not all Muslims." Up on #Mojo 

#Breaking | Tablighi Jamaat faces global backlash. Both Malaysian & Pakistani Govts blame Tablighis for accelerating the spread of COVID in the respective countries. Details by TIMES NOW's Athar Khan.

#Breaking | FIR registered against 150 Tablighis in Mumbai for violating the quarantine. Only 10 out of the 150 have been traced.

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#Breaking | Tablighis continue to create trouble in U.P. Tablighis are denying treatment despite testing positive for Coronavirus & the doctors had to call cops to convince them.

#Breaking | The Markaz menace continues. A fresh case of misbehaviour by the Tablighis has been reported at a quarantine centre in Dwarka. Details by Priyank Tripathi.

#Breaking | Delhi Police suspends constable for helping Tablighis flee. The constable had helped 8 Tablighis cross the Delhi-U.P border. Siddhant with details.

THE STAND POINT | These threats to the media from the Tablighis are condemnable: @ARangarajan1972 , Author tells Navika Kumar o @thenewshour  . #JamaatHateVideos 

Pls align spin! Doval, via HT—'I got Tablighis to vacate & test on 28/3'. MHA—After 21/3 "TJ workers staying in Markaz were persuaded for medical screening by [cops]". Delhi Police video via @ANI  shows Tablighis seeking help to evacuate workers on 23/3!