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The deployment came on a day that Trump declared that U.S. troops “are out of Syria,” except to guard the region’s oil fields. He made no mention of what the Pentagon says is the main mission there: helping Syrian Kurds fight remnants of the Islamic State.

US is trying to create a Syrian “awakening” and has brought Saudis and Emirati officers to train some of the Arab tribes in the Kurdish regions, since there is a powerful dissonance between the Arab tribes and the Kurds in north-east Syria.

▶️ A U.S. military convoy patrolled the oil fields in Syria’s Kurdish-controlled northeastern Hasakeh province, Thursday. The oil field is located near a U.S. airbase and has been among the Kurds most prized assets since Syrian regime forces withdrew early in the war. (AFP)

Syria - acute fuel crisis - Oil fields in hands of US backed Syrian Kurds, who continue to sell part of the oil to Damascus. Syria had previously relied on Iranian oil shipments but tightening sanctions on Iran, Syria &allies dried up supplies in past year

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) expects the intervention of the international community if Turkey plans again to attack the Kurds in northeast Syria, commonly known as Rojava or Syrian Kurdistan, an official said.

#URGENT | US oil deal with Syrian Kurds breaks international law: Russian, Syrian military #SputnikUrgent 

US policy is to keep the Syrian Kurds away from Russia and the regime and to try to patch relations between them and Turkey by @amberinzaman 

The Syrian Kurds fear that unless they appease Russia, it would greenlight another Turkish attack in their territory @amberinzaman 


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US officials tell me ALARM BELL RINGING among diplomats in DC that U.S. could one day be held responsible for Crimes Against Humanity for ethnic cleansing of Syrian Kurds by opening the door to it, watching it, encouraging it (Trump's tweets and statements) and not stopping it.

Can a reporter right now please ask Donald Trump this: “To clarify, Mr President, at exactly the same time you were abandoning the Syrian Kurds to be slaughtered, and insulting them and telling us all they weren’t at Normandy, those same Kurds were helping you find Baghdadi?”

The Syrian Kurds stood with the United States in the fight against ISIS, and this President just betrayed them in a tweet. This will further destabilize the region and haunt the United States for years to come. How can anyone trust the United States under this President?

Kurds say they didn’t sacrifice 11,000 men and women fighting ISIS with US special forces to become guards for remote Syrian oil fields.

As Syrian Kurds face what seems to be ethnic cleansing, a top human rights lawyer told us Americans could face accusations of Crimes Against Humanity: for knowing about atrocities, failing to stop them, and potentially aiding and abetting. I know some US officials are concerned.

If only Capitol Hill., Hollywood, and media cared as much about the 9 American women and children slaughtered at the US-Mexican border by drug cartel monsters as they did about Kurds on the Syrian border.

Kurdish forces just called for Syrian army to take control of Turkish border. Looks like the end of the Kurds mini-state protected by the United States.

Trump ceasefire = surrender to Erdogan. Erdogan gets to stay in Syria. President Trump has no plan for the enduring defeat of ISIS. The U.S., our national security, and the Syrian Kurds lose.

A moment of American betrayal - and these moments matter. The US partnered with Syrian Kurds. Together they fought and defeated the isis state. Now Trump is abandoning the Kurds to allow a Turkish invasion. (And don’t forget the Kurds are guarding thousands of isis members...)

The Syrian Kurds are being abandoned after they fought, and lost 10k men and women, to battle ISIS for the world. Now, they could be- and many expect will be- wiped out in a campaign of ethnic violence/displacement.