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But what if he just got lucky last year; if threats to behave unconstitutionally didn't work & it was only Swinson's error that saved him?

The next Liberal Democrat leader is set to be named shortly and you can watch the announcement live on LBCNews. Sir Ed Davey and Layla Moran are both hoping to succeed Jo Swinson, who lost her seat in the general election.

🚌 The former Labour leader was said to be upset that Jo Swinson, former leader of the Lib Dems, had an electric battle bus for the campaign

Tom Watson held secret talks with Jo Swinson about standing for the Liberal Democrats in Lewes at December’s election

(The Lib Dem leadership election was announced this day 2019: Swinson 63%, Davey 37%)

‘Cat’s out the bag!’ Embarrassing moment Jo Swinson slipped up on REAL Brexit intention

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@BeckyWhin  @elpgbSoooooo  ironic that Corbyn DID hold opppsition power, but his own Party denied it him. With a huge shovel donated freely by Swinson.

@JamesEFoster  @LibDemsI  @laylamoran ' @EdwardJDaveym  so over the partisan passion of my whole life at the moment, I don't even care. Not even after Swinson. If she was really good - a Sturgeon or Adern - I'd just be relieved and glad. I'm just desperate for good leaders.

Surviving longer as acting leader of the Liberal Democrats than Jo Swinson lasted in the actual job, Sir Ed Davey’s got more questions than answers.

Saracens agree Swinson deal as lock reverses retirement decision ✍️ @sr_collings 


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Nicola Sturgeon reacts to Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson losing her seat to the SNP. Follow the #GeneralElection  results live:

In 2015, I voted to ban fracking. Jo Swinson voted to keep fracking. You can't trust the Lib Dems to tackle the climate emergency.

How to turn on a dime: Swinson two weeks ago: I could be next PM. Ed Davey to me Wednesday: Tories will be largest party. Swinson today: Tories will have a majority. At this rate LD’s will be forecasting a Tory landslide by Dec 1.

Here’s what new Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson doesn’t want you to know…

Jo Swinson hasn't tweeted a single time this election asking people to register to vote. Is she worried people saddled in debt from university will remember? Register to vote today: #RegisterToVote 

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Sturgeon, Corbyn, Swinson, Farage all step up for @afneil  interviews. Johnson’s team “in ongoing discussions”. I’m surprised as I thought the BBC had nailed down all the leaders as part of the week-long programming #GE2019 

In the last 3 days, Jo Swinson has posted 4 tweets attacking Labour and 0 tweets attacking the Tories.

This week Jo Swinson was announced leader of the Lib Dems. Take a look at the record she doesn't want you to know about ?

This is a direct lie. It's a matter of public record that Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for Remain. But what really matters here is Jo Swinson's dishonest party politicking is going to fling this country into the abyss of No Deal.