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Countries around the globe have used COVID as an excuse to prosecute journalists and curtail free speech. Norway, Finland, & Sweden enjoy almost perfectly free press, while Vietnam, China, & North Korea are the worst when it comes to muzzling the press.

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Sweden passes one million covid-19 cases AFP

Alberta is No. 2 in the world ... in terms of average new, confirmed daily Covid-19 cases per million people (if Alberta treated as independent country). Sweden is tops, in 3rd is Netherlands. Source: National Bank Financial

UPDATE | #Sweden  registers over 7,000 new COVID-19 cases #SputnikUpdates 

Sweden continues to have EU's most serious spread of covid-19

Moderna will supply 34 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine this year and Sweden has donated 1 million AstraZeneca shots to the global COVAX program, a small boost as it struggles to get stocks to inoculate the world’s poorest people. | @Reuters 

World covid heat map for recorded cases per 100,000 people in worst week of the pandemic 1. Uruguay (84) 2. Argentina (51) 3. Sweden (49) 3. Turkey (49) @LazaroGamio  @a_symonds  @nytgraphics 

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COVAX gets boost from Moderna deal, Sweden's donation of COVID-19 vaccines -GAVI

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$MRNA (+3.9% pre) COVAX gets a boost from Moderna deal, Sweden’s donation of Covid vaccines

Moderna to supply 34 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine this year while Sweden donated 1 million AstraZeneca shots to global COVAX program


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Some covid stats: 1. NY deaths reported yesterday: 7, 0 in NYC 2. NJ: 8 3. Deaths dropping precipitously in FL, GA, AZ 4. UK: 6 5. Italy: 6 6. Spain: 16 7. Sweden: 1 Covid passes through, and that's what crushes the curve. Shield the vulnerable, end the lockdowns.

The US now slightly exceeds Sweden in per capita deaths from COVID. The difference — govt dictates destroyed the US economy with lockdown. Sweden did not suffer the economic depression from lockdown. Will nanny staters learn from their terrible mistake?

Sweden became a much-cited example in the argument that lockdowns and masks are not the way to deal with covid-19. In fact it offers a different lesson

Seven-day moving average of daily Covid deaths in Sweden: Sept 02: 2 Sept 17: 2 Sept 27: 2 Oct 14: 2 Oct 25: 2

Latest 7-day moving average Covid stats from Sweden: New cases Daily: Oct 10: 611 Oct 17: 469 Daily Deaths: Oct 10: 3 Oct 17: 2

Important read. “Sweden was the only major Western country that kept schools open for kids 15 and younger throughout the pandemic, with no masks or mass testing. How’d it go? Zero Covid-19 deaths among 1.8 million children attending day care or school.”

Florida & Texas had more new confirmed Covid-19 cases yesterday than: Italy France Germany Spain UK Switzerland Sweden Australia Japan South Korea Mexico Austria Netherlands Denmark Belgium Norway Finland Czech Republic and Hungary Combined.

Swedish Government apologises for not doing enough to protect older people: “We failed to protect our elderly. That’s really serious, and a failure for society as a whole.” 90% Sweden’s Covid-19 deaths were among the over-70s

"Sweden’s top epidemiologist has admitted his strategy to fight Covid-19 resulted in too many deaths, after persuading his country to avoid a strict lockdown. The Prime Minister now promises an inquiry into the handling of the crisis before the summer."

Most covid-19 deaths per one million pop. 1 Belgium 774 2 Spain 580 3 Italy 515 4 UK 499 5 France 404 6 Sweden 340 7 Netherlands 323 8 Ireland 308 9 US 257 10 Switzerland 220