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We've been lobbying for the expansion of bike lanes in Toronto & have been working with @DavidSuzukiFDN . We're pleased w/ the news that @TheDannyBIA  is open to bike lanes. Read this article in @DailyHive  by Gideon Forman from The David Suzuki Foundation:

David Suzuki will get a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work as a scientist, broadcaster, author and co-founder of his own foundation to protect the environment.

Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Norikazu SUZUKI attended the opening reception of “ASIA in RESONANCE 2019” hosted by the Japan Foundation.

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NOW: Canada's recycling system is a hot topic right now. We'll dive into it and talk about how Quebec is doing -- with Louise Hénault-Ethier, she is the Chief of Science Projects at the David Suzuki Foundation. 88.5FM

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Um 'war'? He's an elected premier enacting his policies.Nothing 'war-like" about it: Suzuki Foundation, Tides and other groups brace for impact of Jason Kenney's new war #abpoli  #cdnpoli 

Other interveners in the #CarbonTax  case include the suzuki foundation'>David Suzuki Foundation, the Ontario and British Columbia provincial governments and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Research by the David Suzuki Foundation and St. Francis Xavier University found that methane #emissions  from B.C.’s natural gas industry could be 2.5 times higher than the province estimates.


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If elected premier, Jason Kenney says he will set up a ‘fully staffed rapid response war room’ and strip protections from ‘bogus charities’ like the suzuki foundation'>David Suzuki Foundation

While Trudeau govt seeks to block UCP and CTF as intervenors in carbon tax court case, Trudeau govt endorses Suzuki Foundation as a proposed intervenor.

Jason Kenney vows to fight 'green left' if he becomes Alberta premier: UCP leader promises to go to court to end charitable status for Tides Canada, Suzuki Foundation#abpoli  #cdnpoli  #bcpoli 

Federal budget earmarks $1.3B over 5 years to conserve land, waterways and wildlife and protect species at risk. The suzuki foundation'>David Suzuki Foundation is happy with the new money. Here is excerpt from press release they just sent to the press gallery:

Dear Competition Bureau: Please investigate this 'false and misleading' fundraising campaign by the Suzuki Foundation immediately #cdnpoli 

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Suzuki Foundation pleased Liberals have followed advice of Suzuki Foundation on letting charities be more political