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'As the level of infections continues to rise alarmingly, Trump’s belated apparent conversion to masks and his equivocation about the threat of Covid-19 may be too little too late, for the health of the US and his re-election hopes' writes Suzanne Lynch

Suzanne Lynch: With Lincoln looking on, the crowd dropped to their knees as 7pm approached

George Floyd’s death in police custody was the trigger, but African-American fury has deep roots, writes suzanne lynch'>Washington Correspondent Suzanne Lynch (via @IrishTimesWorld )⠀ ⠀

Suzanne Lynch reports from Atlanta as demonstrations over racial inequality continue in the United States

'The desire to repatriate American jobs is not confined to Trump’s White House, but has broad support across the political aisle in Washington.,' writes Suzanne Lynch, about Ireland's relationship with the US pharmaceutical market

Last August Donald Trump astonished the world by announcing his intention to buy Greenland. Eight months later, the issue is back on the table, writes Suzanne Lynch

Suzanne Lynch: America’s poor remain huddled in cities while others take to the hills (via @irishtimesworld )

Suzanne Lynch: America’s poor remain huddled in cities while others take to the hills via @IrishTimesWorld 

? World View Podcast w/ @chrisdooley1  Foreign policy expert Tom Wright on why killing Iranian General Suleimani was a strategic error for the United States. Plus, Suzanne Lynch on the fallout in Washington and the fate of the Iran nuclear deal.

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US impeachment hearings: Suzanne Lynch's @suzannelynch1 ) five points to look out for (via @IrishTimesWorld )

#NANCONV2019 Daughters of the Movement panel moderated by Dominique Sharpton-Bright. Panelists include Rev. Leah Daughtry, Jennifer Jones Austin, Suzanne Kay, Stacy Lynch, Dr. Hasna Muhammad, Ilyasah Shabazz, and Keisha Sutton James.

Suzanne Lynch@suzannelynch1 ): Decline in emigration to US is prompting rethink of long-standing relationship

The White House has suspended the press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta until further notice, hours after a testy exchange with President Donald Trump. Suzanne Lynch from the Irish Times says "it was a threat from the administration". #5LiveBreakfast  |

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