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We are aware of an issue related to Reddit accounts being banned erroneously and are working on reversing those suspensions now. We sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused our users and will provide further updates here as we have them.

The @NFL  is threatening suspensions for coaches and sideline personnel who don't wear face masks.

Update: Many suspensions have been reversed, but we are still working through the full list in addition to identifying the root cause of the issue. Thank you for your continued patience, everyone. 🙏

A year after restorative practices was implemented in those test schools suspensions are down by 44% and surveys show relationships between teachers and students in those schools have improved.

@RGBDOTNET  Loo@sterophonickk  @IFTTTs  like one of our scripts got a bit overzealous and caused unwarranted bans — we're very sorry about that. We are looking into reversing erroneous suspensions now, but don’t yet have a timeline for when all will be reversed. Please check our Twitter feed for further updates.

1:51:06 p.m. - The Speaker announced that votes on suspensions, if ordered, will be postponed until a time to be announced.

NFL threatening suspensions for coaches and sideline personnel who don't wear face masks

A Times analysis of discipline data from the Ed Department found that Black girls are over five times more likely than white girls to be suspended at least once and seven times more likely to receive multiple out-of-school suspensions than white girls.

The NFL is threatening teams with possible suspensions for sideline personnel, including coaches, who do not properly wear face coverings. Forfeiting draft picks also could be among disciplinary measures.

NFL threatening suspensions for maskless sideline personnel


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This weekend in every county in downstate NY investigators found blatant disregard for the law at bars & restaurants. 105 violations were issued. Suspensions will be determined this week. The state will enforce health laws. If we don’t, the virus will spread.

Wiley's still going. And @Twitter , in its failure to act, when they act pretty fast in suspensions normally, enhances and intensifies the idea that hate speech against Jews is a lesser, more insignificant form of the category, maybe not hate speech at all.

15 years ago today: THE MALICE AT THE PALACE! SUSPENSIONSRon Artest: 86 S-Jax: 30 Jermaine O'Neal: 15 Ben Wallace: 6 Reggie Miller: 1 Billups: 1

BREAKING: Miami Dolphins to discipline players who protest during national anthem with suspensions, fines or both.

BREAKING: Per sources, MLB’s penalties for #Astros  include: *One-year suspensions for GM Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch. *Losses of 1st and 2nd round draft picks in both 2020 and ‘21. *A fine of $5M. Full story and more context with @EvanDrellich :

@MikePereira  explains what kind of suspensions should be expected for players following tonight’s Steelers-Browns game.

They’re going be some heavy suspensions. Garrett might get the rest of the season off. Pouncey gone a min of 4 gms. WTF was Garrett thinking?

Breaking: suspensions for #SpitGate , per @wojespn  Rondo- 3 games Ingram- 4 games CP3- 2 games

ICYMI: A massive brawl erupts in a minor league game between Albuquerque & Reno, resulting in 10 suspensions. VIDEO: