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Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet lead a great cast in a family drama about a woman who has gathered her family together for one last time before she dies.

Susan Sarandon stars in the "Blackbird" movie about a woman helping her family cope with her terminal illness.​

‘Blackbird’ Review: Susan Sarandon & Kate Winslet Lead Stellar Cast In Affecting Family Drama About Woman’s Right To Die On Her Own Terms

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Oscar-winning actress and leftist Susan Sarandon has come under fire from centrist Democrats—including Soledad O’Brien—for not kissing the ring of Joe Biden. Why the outrage?

When every member of the Squad, plus Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Angela Davis, Bob Avakian, and even Susan Sarandon, says they’re voting Biden to stop fascism maybe: 1) time to stop with the ‘far left won’t vote Biden’ narratives, 2) time to take fascism seriously.

Joe Biden Twitter, Get Your Grimy Hands Off Susan Sarandon’s Vote

'Destroying America?' Susan Sarandon riles centrist Joe Biden supporters with endorsement of socialist third-party proposal

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Every time we have a bad day like this one I’m reminded of how much I’m STILL upset with people like Susan Sarandon. We didn’t have to be here. Is this true revolution you were pining for?… #KavanaughConfirmation 

James Woods & Susan Sarandon out here coming for Nancy Pelosi, who's shown more eggs, nuts, dick (however you frame it) than half of DC combined in bitch-slapping Trump & these wanna-be neo-facist buffoon boot lickers. But 'stick to acting.'

Two things can be true at once: Susan Sarandon is not the reason Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 (lol!) but also: Susan Sarandon and other 3rd party refuseniks were wrong about Trump v Clinton and should own it.


Just like to thank Jill Stein, Susan Sarandon, and any other "there's no difference" lefties.

Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Amy Poehler and Emma Stone are bringing gender and racial justice activists as their guests to the #GoldenGlobes .

Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton ‘more dangerous’ than Trump: ‘She has done horrible things’ -