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Trump wanted to see Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton in handcuffs. But Attorney General Barr announced that John Durham will not finish his work before the election. Trump's October Surprise was grounded. He got nothing.

$NDX down 5 days in a row. Last 5 yrs, n=8 (small sample). $NDX closed lower 5 days later 63% of the time and had a lower close within those next 5 days in all but one instance (88%). Scroll up - today not a big surprise

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Bolivia’s socialist movement is set to return to power a year after its leader Evo Morales was ousted and driven into exile. The nation’s bonds dropped after the surprise result. @SheryAhnNews  reports on the story

As a reporter, I used to gag every time I heard an analyst say “great quarter guys” on an earnings call. As if any of this was a true surprise. I’m sure @greatquarter  can add some pearls here.

"Oh please, nobody can gain followers like that." I know what you want. You want something that won't surprise you. That won't disrupt your brain and make u see higher further think differently. Yea that's what you want Well this book is not for you. sm

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When Bob Hope was on his death bed, he was asked where he would like as his final resting place - Palm Springs, LA or London. He said, "surprise me." Which is the only funny thing Bob Hope ever said. Unlike the president, who says funny things all the time, just not on purpose.

Heard on the Street: 5G iPhones pack new surprise for Qualcomm

The polls, barring an unforeseen “October surprise,” are likely to stay close. Here's what may happen to the markets if there's a blue wave, a red wave or something in between.

Rashmika Mandanna shares a fun post on how to surprise your friends & it will leave you in splits

#3 before Trump went off on Fauci -- Covid-19 roundup: Parsing Bourla, a top analyst sees improved chances for Pfizer vaccine; Fauci: No surprise that Trump was hit by Covid-19


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Last year, this man lost his 16-yr old son in a car wreck. He decided to donate his son’s organs, including his heart. This month the heart recipient sent Dad a surprise gift - a teddy bear with a recording of his son's heartbeat. Wait for it...💪❤️🌎

May have a surprise for you on the show tonight

Hearing that I've got a single out lol thats a surprise to me that's a one take scratch demo I was writing with someone as an idea for them

SURPRISE! New RM Champion remix out everywhere Friday at midnight @BTS_twt  #RMxFallOutBoy  ?

Minding my bidness and The King comes in with a surprise signature attack! 43000 RTs and I'll get it tattooed.

We hit 3M hard today after seeing what they were doing with their Masks. “P Act” all the way. Big surprise to many in government as to what they were doing - will have a big price to pay!

My Q: When will everyone who needs a coronavirus test be able to get a test? Pres Trump: “No-one is talking about this except you, which doesn’t surprise me." My Q: What about people w/ symptoms who cannot get a test? Trump: "Yeah, well, OK. I’m not— I'm not hearing it."

i have a surprise for all my beliebers tomorrow... #AATWvideo