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Sen. Peters gives advice for Michigan voters: “When you have your ballot and when you’ve been able to fill it out, take it the clerk. Take it to the drop boxes. … Then you know for sure that it actually will be counted."

With Washington frozen ahead of the election, volunteers in Bay City, Michigan, are trying to make sure everyone stays fed.

Don’t be a procrastinator! Vote TODAY! Or make a plan to vote!! #VoteByMail  or #VoteEarly  AND ✅ Make sure 3 friends have voted! Visit NOW to get ! #VoteReady 

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Myth or fact? One thing is for sure, there are a lot of misconceptions about trading. Knowing the difference between common trading myths and the reality is essential to long-term success. Find out about these 'myths' here:

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Thomas Ankner 5‘10“ 172 WR from Highlands Ranch rock Canyon, CO is a reliable and steady receiver with sure hands and who is a terrific route runner. Can make the tough catch look routine. Very dependable and smart. 4.0 GPA. Honors student. @AnknerThomas 

Love to take family photos. I hope these are actually my kids...hard to be sure.

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Obama, mocking @realDonald Trump for walking out of 60 Minutes, says that if Trump thinks it’s too tough to answer a question about what he’d do in his second term, then it is up to voters to make sure he doesn’t HAVE a second term...

This ball python appeared in a neighbour's backyard, very close to a house that's being gutted. We aren't entirely sure how it got there, but there is a theory...

Before you start trading on a live account, you should make sure you’ve mastered the Brokers 101 lesson. Prove it by passing this quiz!

I'm not sure why I get so annoyed by the use of "shutter" as a verb


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Just signed an order to support the workers of Delphi Corporation and make sure that we protect the pensions of all American workers! Obama-Biden FAILED American workers and FAILED the workers of Delphi. I ALWAYS put American workers FIRST!

A lot of energy being spent on telling me to stay in my lane. Zero energy spent on telling Biden/Harris they need to do way more for Black people to sure up the vote. Smh

To help Donald Trump get the full COVID-19 experience, let’s make sure he loses his job and is evicted from his home next month.

Have you joined the BTS Party yet? Be sure to connect with Spotify so you can get access to the new BTS song on August 21st! //  // @bts_bighit  #BTS 

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We're 100 days away from Election Day and there is too much at stake to sit this one out. Now's a good time to make sure you're registered to vote––and to make sure your friends and family are, too.

Thank you for staying and cheering for us even though it was so cold. I think I’ll remember Chicago ARMY always. I love you guys and I’ll come back next time! Make sure to drink hot water and take a hot bath before you sleep~ good night ARMY!?? #yourlovev 

TONIGHT! Make sure to look up at the @EmpireStateBldg  to see NYC's most famous building lit up in Purple for @BTS_twt ! #iHeartBTS  #BTSxNYC 

Dear I know you've probably already seen this, but I just wanted to make sure! Don't let your people die like this.

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WOW MAN!! 🤦🏾‍♂️. Is it still surprising at this point. Sure isn’t! You literally still don’t understand why Kap was kneeling on one knee?? Has absolute nothing to do with the disrespect of US and our soldiers(men and women) who keep our land free. My father-in-law was one of those

Tomorrow’s elections might be the most important of our lifetimes. The health care of millions is on the ballot. Making sure working families get a fair shake is on the ballot. The character of our country is on the ballot.