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How have digital tools helped citizens mobilize online and influence policy? The #Taiwanese  TW grassroots, Sunflower Movement proves how civic movements can champion digital technology to accomplish their objectives

The protesters want to get in the building and turn this into an occupation of the legislature — a tactic modeled after the Sunflower student movement in Taiwan. But the police are now calling this a riot. Live updates:

@jwassers  Here's a similar one I saw in Taipei during the Sunflower Movement: "Don't let Taiwan become the next Hong Kong. "

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Lots of controversy at this year’s Golden Horse awards — often dubbed the Chinese Oscars — after best documentary went to a film about Taiwan’s mainland-sceptic Sunflower movement.

After Taiwan's Sunflower Movement protested against one government and helped elect a new one, the revolutionaries were kept on to help inform policy

What Taiwanese think. Leaders of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement weigh in on the brouhaha in Washington Post op-ed:

Leaders of the 2014 Sunflower Movement complain Americans using Taiwan to score political points


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Standing with those participating in Sunflower Student Movement in Taiwan. Governments must represent the people!

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Tsai Ing-wen's government, in first major decision, withdrew charges against 126 protesters in Sunflower Movement.

Protesters in Taiwan marked the first anniversary of protests known as the Sunflower Movement.

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One year after the start of the Sunflower movement, how is political youth activism faring in Taiwan?

Taiwan to charge student leaders of last spring's Sunflower Movement anti-China protests

JUST IN: Some 50 protesters, led by Taiwan's Sunflower student movement, gather at #Hongkong  Trade Office in #Taipei : Reuters witness