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Writer @mashagessen  says one of Vladimir Putin's chief goals in his summit with U.S. President Joe Biden was reaffirming "this idea that you cannot do things in the world without consulting Russia."

The fact that the summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin produced a sigh of relief was a measure of how difficult relations have become since 2014

WATCH: At an event on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Cornwall, Queen Elizabeth cut a cake using a ceremonial sword

Takeaways From Biden-Putin 'Cyber Summit'

Looking forward to joining @MeetThePress  tomorrow morning to discuss ongoing infrastructure negotiations as well as the president’s summit with Pres. Putin.

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Given the Putin/Biden summit, I am really looking forward to talking to @mich261213  tomorrow @dalkeybookfest  - one not to miss.

While this week's NATO summit communiqué stopped short of labelling China a direct threat to the Alliance, it signalled a strengthened consensus among NATO members on the various challenges that China poses, writes @mnouwens2003 :

Rep. Lauren Boebert Says Protesters at Conservative Summit ‘Have Nothing Better to Do’ and Should ‘Get a Job’


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Participated in the @g7  Summit session on Health. Thanked partners for the support during the recent COVID-19 wave. India supports global action to prevent future pandemics. "One Earth, One Health" is our message to humanity. #G7UK 

TIME’s new cover: Trump wanted a summit with Putin. He got way more than he bargained for

During the tripartite summit in Abu Dhabi, I met with Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa and Jordan's King Abdullah II, and discussed further strengthening our strategic relations and developing our bilateral ties.

Had fruitful discussions with @PresEl @JoeBidenectB @ScottMorrisonMPden  , @sugawitter '>P @sugawitter  and PM at the 1st Quad Summit. Reiterated India’s commitment to a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific in line with our vision of SAGAR - Security and Growth for All in the Region.

Trump appears to be skipping a side-event at the G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness. The President has just arrived at his golf course in Virginia.

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Spoke at the NAM Summit, held via video conferencing.

Seventy-five years ago today during the Battle of #IwoJima75 , Marines claimed Mount Suribachi and raised the American flag at its summit, creating an unforgettable and iconic moment in American history and patriotism. #WeAreIwo .

For those keeping score at home: In the months since the Administration knew about these bounties, the President invited Putin to join the G-7 summit, planned for pulling troops out of Germany and failed to act against growing Russian cyber action in the U.S.

Today, it was my great honor to address the @LatinoCoalition  Legislative Summit. With the hard work, love & devotion of millions of incredible Hispanic-Americans, our Country is thriving, our people are prospering, and our future has never looked brighter!