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@ZoosSA  . is reeling from the shock death of two carnivores – 13-year-old Sumatran tiger ‘Rhani’ and 1-year-old lion cub ‘Khari’. #7NEWS 

Adelaide Zoo will scour the globe to find a suitable female Sumatran tiger to continue its breeding program following the shock death of 13-year-old ‘Rhani’. @ZoosSA  #7NEWS 

RIP Rhani: Adelaide Zoo’s 13-yr-old Sumatran Tiger, Rhani, has died. Rhani had been sick over the weekend, with vets discovering she had aggressive tumours in her abdomen. Determining there was nothing that could be done to save her, the vet team had to humanely euthanise her.

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Adelaide Zoo’s 13-year-old female Sumatran Tiger Rhani has been euthanized after vets discovered aggressive tumours in her abdomen. Rhani arrived at the Zoo in 2018. Her presence was able to educate thousands of visitors about the plight of the Sumatran Tiger in the wild. @ZoosSA 

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Zookeeper killed after two Sumatran tigers escaped from their enclosure at zoo on Borneo island

Two Sumatran tigers at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana have tested positive for Covid-19

Two Sumatran tigers are on the mend at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo after contracting COVID-19.

Jai, a Sumatran Tiger from the Phoenix Zoo, believes he knows who is going to win Super Bowl LV today.


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They call Indonesia home, but there are fewer than 80 left. Help @GlobalWildlife  @NatGeoSociety @IUCN @RhinosIRF  @WWF  as we work to save Sumatran rhinos. ?b @joelsartore  #WorldRhinoDay  #SumatranRhinoRescue 

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A critically endangered Sumatran tiger was killed by a hunter’s trap in Indonesia. She was pregnant with 2 cubs.

Sumatran Durian has a reputation for being the smelliest fruit on the planet. #Uncharted 

Sumatran rhinos are so few that experts now believe isolation is the single biggest threat to the species’ continued existence

With the death of Malaysia's last female Sumatran rhino, Iman, just 80 individuals are all that remain of the species

GOING EXTINCT: The last Sumatran rhinoceros in Malaysia has died, leaving their worldwide population at about 80

A critically endangered orangutan was left blind after being shot 74 times with an air rifle in Sumatra, Indonesia — allegedly by palm oil plantation workers. Rescuers say her baby died on the way to a rescue center. (?: Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme)

Sumatran tigers are critically endangered. ? There are less than 400 left in the wild. ? Biggest threats: poaching and deforestation. ? Poachers kill up to 40 per year.

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The last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died, leaving just 1 female of the critically endangered species in the country. Sumatran rhinos are extinct in the wild. There are only about 80 left in the world.

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