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The typical rallying cries around user choice, transparency, and strict privacy and security standards are not complete remedies when the surveillance is the point.

“A shock at the scale of Covid has triggered an explosive, sudden, economy-wide rise in prices that’s going to depress living standards for the next decade or so.”

A new study found that for Black patients hospitalized with COVID, hospital quality plays an outsized role in whether they survive

Samples collected over the last two days show indicate the drinking water meets regulatory standards and is safe to drink.

Boris Johnson could observe EU food-safety standards for a limited period, as Switzerland does. That would eliminate 80% of border checks in the Irish Sea

A junior banker at JPMorgan in London worked 785 hours of weekday overtime in a year before she was fired for expense errors. She's now suing the bank for discrimination.

ICYMI: Swanton Township suing local grower over alleged land use violations via @toledonews 

Stricter air quality standards are likely coming to Maine schools. The Maine Legislature has approved a proposal to create consistent standards across the state.

The government has amended rules pertaining to various Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS), including those related to interest rate benchmark reform.

Sacramento region's air quality is unhealthy for some people on June 19, officials say


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The animal welfare standards this govt have just agreed to

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BREAKING: We're suing Georgia over its illegal voter suppression law.

With no explanation other than "repeatedly going against our community standards," @facebook  has blocked me from managing my page. Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified.

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Black and Latino people in the U.S. are 3 times as likely to contract the coronavirus than their white neighbors — and nearly twice as likely to die, according to new data we obtained by suing the CDC

Just so it's clear. @realDonaldTrump  today called for @BarackObama  and @JoeBiden  to be indicted and prosecuted. Have our standards fallen so far that this kind of antidemocratic authoritarian behavior passes without criticism? Is this now normal?

Let’s get Tommo right up the charts. This album is quality and deserves to be up there. @Louis_Tomlinson  #Walls 

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Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

America owes our very hard working food supply workers so much as they produce and deliver high quality food for us during this horrible COVID-19. Join me in thanking our Farmers, Ranchers, Processors, Distributors and Stores! @JohnBoozman 

A reminder that *right now* the Trump administration is suing to destroy the entire Affordable Care Act. All of it.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that our States are loaded up with Ventilators, many brand new and high quality just off of our production lines, and that we are now in a position to help other countries that so desperately need them. Every person needing a Ventilator got one!