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Anyone know how Halloween candy sales did this year? Where are the day after sales? Did we buy/ eat less? --> Dentists & Endocrinologists angry? Did sugar industrial complex make less candy? --> Use less sugar/ chocolate? --> Lower commodity price? --> Market glut?

What's a candy you remember being good but then ate today for the first time in roughly 30 years and realized was actually bad? Mine is Sugar Babies.

Need help falling asleep after getting a sugar rush from all the #halloween  candy? Start talking budgets and investments and it'll knock you right out

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This is a sweet piece by @ScottKirsner , who finally got the woman behind #JuniorMints , Sugar Babies, and more to talk candy in time for Halloween. (But I wish he had asked what she thought about the operating room mishap on #Seinfeld .) via @BostonGlobe 

Whether you love it or hate it, it's National Candy Corn Day! According to , nineteen pieces has 140 calories, no fat, and 32 grams of sugar. So it has that going for it. ENJOY! 🎃

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TPG Growth takes majority stake in low-sugar candy brand SmartSweets

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If you enjoy your Halloween candy adventure a little too much (it happens to the best of us) we've got some cures for that post-sugar high hangover.

Do your best to keep candy, gum, and toothpaste out of your dog's reach. They could be sweetened with xylitol, which can cause your dog's blood sugar to drop and can also cause liver failure.

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We will be live at Sugar Mamas Cupcakes & Creamery this afternoon at 2pm on the KARK Facebook page. Learn more about their delicious treats including cupcakes, ice cream, snow cones, cookies & cotton candy! 12911 Cantrell Road, Little Rock (Sponsored)

Swiss scientists use 3D printing to increase the perception of sweetness in low-sugar candy - 3D Printing Industry


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The long-anticipated collaboration between Lady Gaga and mega-popular K-pop group Blackpink is finally here. “Sour Candy,” from Gaga’s upcoming album 'Chromatica,' dropped on Thursday morning, providing a sugar-sweet club track for all our at-home parties.

Instead of sugar, this cafe uses cotton candy to sweeten the coffee ☕️

Pls do not make a graph chart situa about how many candy corns = little mountains of processed sugar/corn syrup. LET ME LIVE!

Don't give these foods for your dogs! ❌? -Alcohol -Caffeine -Candy -Onion -Chocolate -Raisins -Sugar -Dairy -Nuts -Eggnog -Garlic -Grapes -Nutmeg -Bones -Salt

#WhenIWasYourAge We had candy cigarettes, gun-shaped cigarette lighters, and sucked flavored sugar through a straw.

Fruit should be your source of sugar not ice cream and candy bars!

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Cookie /candy / ice cream / dessert pop tarts OR fruity / berry / brown sugar morning pop tarts ??????

Wanna turn your girl on during sex? Start whispering Candy Crush in her ear. "Sweet." "Tasty." "Devine." As she orgasms... "SUGAR RUSH!"

Happy Halloween! Eat tons of sugar..Its your only day a year you can take candy from strangers!

Other than candy, ice cream, honey, sugar, and sugar substitutes, is there anything sweeter than the love of your family?