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Farm bills are sugar-coated pills, will oppose them tooth and nail: Telangana CM KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said that farmers & farming related bills introduced by Centre in Parliament would do a lot of injustice to farm sector in country. CM said these bills are nothing but a sugar-coated pill & should be opposed at all costs: CM's Office

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The Kremlin's investigative inaction seems to say: Novichok found in Navalny's hotel room? No problem. The hotel must have fed him poorly to account for his near-death collapse from "low blood sugar." That is, not even a semblance of a credible response.

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A London coffee shop is charging $64 for its premium brew -- just don't expect milk or sugar

Update: Arid desert conditions, too much sugar, an 80-degree house and a couple of strong drinks are not a good mix. I think I’m on the verge of dehydration. I turned the a/c up and am sipping water and hope I don’t end up hanging over the toilet but it’s 2020 so...

The Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen will be featuring its first outdoor concert of the new season with The sugar beats'>Super Sugar Beats.

Sugar and Sweeteners Yearbook Tables - Data on #sugar  and #sweeteners  supply and use.

Nothing beats 200,000 people flooding the Spokane County Interstate Fairgrounds, but deep-fried gyros, gourmet edible cookie dough and cinnamon sugar apple fries from a drive-thru might be a close second.


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Is @BTS_twt  x @Harry_Styles  the collab we never saw coming? 👀 The boys sing ‘Watermelon Sugar’ after nailing their new single ‘Dynamite’ - their first song entirely in English. #BTS  #BTSarmyarmy  Watch GMB here👉

shoutout to birthday boy @AmazingPhil  who insidiously split his friends across five different social events for the next two weeks so he can have a separate cake each time ..may your sugar coma be eternal

~I'll be your sugar daddy if you be my kombucha mother~

FAUCI: "I have a reputation, as you probably have figured out, of speaking the truth at all times and not sugar-coating things. And that may be one of the reasons why I haven't been on television very much lately." (in interview w/ the Financial Times)

if you drink a milkshake and have a stomach ache, your first thought shouldn't be "was i poisoned?" it should be "well this is what i get for drinking 12 to 16 ounces of milk, cream and sugar as a grown-ass person"

New Sugar deal negotiated with Mexico is a very good one for both Mexico and the U.S. Had no deal for many years which hurt U.S. badly.

New Lip Kits drop this Friday at 12pm pst. LOVE BITE, BROWN SUGAR, DIRTY PEACH.

Well, the Sugar Bowl just got a lot more interesting ...