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Suddenly Tory MPs have woken up to the serious barriers that now exist for musicians & other musicians who tour across Europe! @BBCParliament 

“Suddenly an 80 majority doesn’t look so bullet-proof..” the week Tory MPs turned. Hard to remember a time when the parliamentary party felt quite so bruised, neglected, bewildered and angry.. with @SebastianEPayne ⁩

Lots of Tory MPs briefing off the record suddenly realising what the rest of us have known for some time: Boris Johnson isn’t very good.

#Brexit bashing? “It’s like playing whack-a-mole, suddenly you get one group of MPs on side and you lose another” Conservative MP Ed Vaizey on Tory reaction to Labour calls for a customs union to secure cross-party Brexit deal #politicslive 

I find it pretty disreputable that May’s #Brexit  deal, which so many Tory MPs said was bad for the country, suddenly looks more attractive to some simply because May offers to resign. Suggests their behaviour not driven by national interest but by personal and party advantage

Oh: and another point. If Labour policy suddenly shifted to support a second referendum, the parliamentary arithmetic is not there for it to get through the Commons. Some Labour MPs would never ever vote for it, a large majority of Tory MPs certainly wouldn't.

@sanderwagner @GavinHJackson  @Zettel314  yes - and load of Tory MPs would suddenly realise that keeping the boss happy less important 1/2