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Thing about Stunt Morrison's Australia Post red herring/dead cat: the board, unsurprisingly, is stacked with govt mates - former Liberal Party federal director Tony Nutt and former Senator Michael Ronaldson. If the board had any quality, it would tell Morrison to go jump.

@Murrumbastondo1  It plays well & a fair point the way many boards have been stacked since 2013 - but the directors' failure is not standing up for their CEO over this Morrison stunt. The Cartier optics problem is that vast majority think $3k for a watch is excessive, not the bonus per se.

CCS doesn't commercially work, shows no sign of commercially working, but Stunt Morrison, throwing another $50 million on the $1 billion fire of our money, says "I'm not prepared to give up on it". #insiders 

It is now over three years since Scott Morrison waved a lump of coal around the floor of parliament in a question time stunt. A lot has changed since then | @npomalley 

From Pooh Bear Xi to Stunt Morrison, dark days for journalism. "the same desire: To impose the government’s view on mass communications, to dominate the news cycle and to avoid embarrassing issues."

Further to @RizviAbul  explains the Morrison effort was indeed more stunt than substance

Stunt Morrison scores again & press gallery falls for it. "Record $270 billion defence spend over 10 years" is another re-announcement, actually a reduction in old (silly) bipartisan target of spending 2% of GDP on defence. Must be a by-elelection somewhere #ScottyfromMarketing 

A little perspective: Stunt Morrison's $270 billion 10-year defence re-announcement compares with his $100 billion 10-year infrastructure promise.

We’ve seen stunt coordinator Lee Morrison’s mini #StayInStayAdventurous  movie and now here’s Bond stunt driver @1JessicaHawkins  throwing hers into the ring. Hope that #Defender  tidied up after itself. @LEGO_Group  @LandRover  #IntoFilm 


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This is bizarre & serious. I don't know what Trump unleashed in Morrison at the Ohio MAGA rally, but Stunt has just announced Australia is withdrawing from the civilised international community. (Murdoch will love it) via @smh 

NO TIME TO DIE is the first film to feature the @LandRover  New Defender. This footage goes behind-the-scenes with stunt coordinator Lee Morrison and stunt driver Jessica Hawkins at work #NoTimeToDie  #Bond25  #LandRover  #NewDefender 

So Stunt Morrison drops his pants for Mad King Donald, pledges Australia's allegiance to a lying maniac, needlessly piles on Trump's China trade bashing to offend our most important partner - just in time for impeachment starting. Someone give him the "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.

Irony: Stunt Morrison refuses to let Nauru refugees be sent to New Zealand allegedly because it’s a back door way for what Dutton claims are "murders and terrorists" to get to Australia. Meanwhile an Australian...

Morrison’s trip to Christmas Island today is a sad publicity stunt. The scare campaign is not working, because people will always trust doctors over a desperate PM lagging in the polls.

Scott Morrison putting dud politics ahead of the nation's best interests: The Jerusalem embassy announcement stunt - unfit for office. The medivac misrepresentation/Christmas Island/people smuggler invitation stunt - unfit to govern. Does it really take three strikes?