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Excited to be in the Toronto @checkupcbc ⁩ studio this week, simulcast on CBC News Network. We’re about to start our two hour live show: what message do you hope your vote will send? 1-888-416-8333

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🔥🎨 Playing with fire and creating beautiful glass artwork—that’s what SF’s only public glass studio is known for. On #Rightnowish , @OGpenn  talks to @publicglass  director Nate Watson about what it means to introduce his Bayview neighbors to glassblowing.

Our @tmj4  crew getting our @GolfKohler  @rydercup  studio set up for a week of extended, live coverage. @SusanKim4  and I will anchor 5-7 AM live from Whistling Straits Monday through Sunday. @lanceallan  joins us live for Ryder Cup Tonight every evening at 6:30. @RyderCupUSA 

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Our seating link is live for Tuesday night's #SitakeShow . Tickets are free to join us live in Studio C! We're expecting another big crowd for Kalani, so get your seats soon.

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Universal lands Christopher Nolan’s next film at the perfect time in Hollywood’s rabid studio wars.

Photog extraordinaire Billy Storm & I are live from State a farm Stadium coming up at the top of the hour .. @G_Hen10  will join us .. & @HobieFOX9  are i @3RonJohnson  studio … see you soon on #VikingsGameDayLive  #MINvsAZ  #week2 

A lot of fun was had on #SundaySoulJam  with @JuneGachui  , @DeejayADRIAN  and Allan Wainaina AKA Chief Funk Officer DJ Shaky! There was also a guest walking up and down in studio 🤓 #NewJackWithAllanWainaina 

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Kacey Musgraves’s fourth studio album, “Star-Crossed,” is a chronicle of her divorce, writes our critic. "It’s full of small memories, good and bad, rendered largely without judgment."


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BLACKPINK DELETED SCENE #1 : If you've ever wondered what artists talk about when they're waiting around the recording studio ... sometimes it's pants. #LightUptheSky1MoreTime 

studio'>Santa Monica Studio revealed a new look at these major characters in God of War: Ragnarok and their performers, including Thor and Angrboða, the mate of Loki and mother of monsters (at least in Norse mythology). #PlayStationShowcase 

OK, it’s the final BLACKPINK DELETED SCENE 😢 (I know, I would give you a million if I could) Find out what it's really like inside the rehearsal studio as they prep to Kill This Love! #LightUptheSky1MoreTime 

- #Sehun  visiting Kris Van Assche's Studio before the #Berluti  Winter 2020 Show on January 17 at 1pm CET - Watch the Show LIVE on Instagram, Facebook, , WeChat & Weibo. #세훈 #엑소 #吴世勋 #EXO 

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CHAPPELLE SNL. TONIGHT. CHAPPELLE SNL. TONIGHT. CHAPPELLE SNL. TONIGHT. CHAPPELLE SNL. TONIGHT. My brother about to flame that studio up tonight!!! ????????. LETS GO!!

Disney threatened to boycott filming in Georgia when the state passed a pro-life bill. But thanked the Chinese Communist Party for letting the studio film in Xinjiang, which houses China’s concentration camps. Can’t make this stuff up.

Hope everyone is doing ok! Just wanted to let you know that Syco Music and I have agreed to part ways. I'm really excited for the future and to be back in the studio writing the next album. Can't wait to finally see you all on tour!! Stay safe and see you soon, Louis x

So here’s the thing. When the studio called and asked if I could get in shape to play #Wolverine  in 3 weeks. I might have over promised! But wouldn’t you have too? Happy 20th Anniversary X-Men Universe. #Xmen  #20 

I have some news. For now, I’ll be shooting my show with no studio audience. To everyone who was looking forward to coming, I'm so sorry. But I’m doing this for the health of my fans, my staff & my crew. (It has nothing to do with a warrant for my arrest in the state of Florida.)