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'Don't believe everything you read on the internet' says Fatovich of the famous Lincoln maxim. Clinical judgement is more crucial than ever in this pandemic era. Most studies report patient averages, but there is no such thing as the average patient #ACEM20 

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#Tomatoes prostate (PC3) Protects The Cells of Prostate Gland Against Prostate Cancer, Studies Show

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#Lycopene Inhibits the Onset of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, According to Studies

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@LMarch20313280  Sorry, Cochrane review says they don't work at all. They're not really all that reputable -- just the best meta-analysts for medical studies on the planet. I'm sure others can find equally good competing opinions on Mars.

Studies suggest the chance of catching COVID-19 on a plane are low — but some of that research has been funded by the airline industry

As governments ordered temporary confinement measures to battle multiple virus waves, several studies have charted a marked increase in air quality in the US, China, and Europe.

2020 has been rough. Do you use cute images of babies or animals to cleanse your social media timeline? @dale_jp  specializes in studies'>Cute Studies and reveals what's beneath the fluffy surface of #cute . #Memes 

Early studies show the Oxford vaccine is slightly less effective than the other two - but it does not need special refrigeration and is far cheaper, conditions which could put it ahead.

Congrats to @WestPoint_USMA  Cadets Tyrese Bender '21 and Evan Walker '21 who've been selected as Rhodes Scholars. This prestigious honor reflects their dedication and hard work—our nation is proud! They are leaders of character and will begin their studies at Oxford in 2021!

Ten Black Americans were among the 32 men and women selected as U.S. Rhodes Scholars and will conduct post-graduate studies at Oxford University.


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Faceless Big Tech "fact checkers" disseminate false info, put their partisan opinions on studies & posts, & call it Truth. When asked who their gatekeepers are, they name "news" outlets responsible for some of the biggest disinformation of the past 4 yrs. #OhTheIrony  RT

here's a great idea for the left. lets replace police with social justice warriors. When a fight breaks out, or there's a robbery, or any violent disturbance, we send a pair of gender studies graduates to break it up. i say we make this an executive order for blue states.

Lengthy look at what both laboratory and human studies have shown about the effectiveness of face masks. Read it and see if you still believe what you have previously been told.

Princeton University group studies 3 months of Black Lives Matter protests. Intent is to show they are 'overwhelmingly peaceful.' But report reveals nearly 570 violent demonstrations--riots--in nearly 220 locations spread all across country.

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BREAKING: Trump administration mandating EPA scientific studies, data undergo review by political staff before public release.

Just to say again, the answer to “who could’ve predicted this?” is everyone who studies infectious diseases.

Many physicians agree with you. Also, some very good studies! @SteveFDA  @US_FDA 

“According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the $18 billion wall will pay for itself by curbing the importation of crime, drugs and illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole...”