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For the second time in only a year, America's teachers are charged with helping students make sense of a presidential impeachment. Here are highlights from two stories written in the lead-up to President Trump’s first impeachment.

Twitter says taking down Students for Trump was an 'error'

Students at Harvard University are reportedly circulating a petition that specifically targets several high-profile Trump supporters.​

The great @LJMoynihan  will be anchoring the not-so-great me on our next @Twitter  live at 4 pm sharp to discuss @JoeBiden  stimulus and @Harvard  students latest attempt to ban any traces of Trump from the campus. We might also fit in what investors can expect from $FNMA "reform"

Twitter drops the hammer on Students For Trump. @RyanAFournier  joins the Todd Starnes Show at 12:45 p.m. eastern to discuss.

Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates' diplomas after Capitol Hill violence (Fox Business)

SCOOP via @LJMoynihan  (1 of 3): @Harvard  students are at it again, this time seeking to revoke university diplomas of anyone affiliated w President Trump, according to a petition obtained by @FoxBusiness . The petition cites last week's DC riots and specifically mentions grads

Scoop — Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates’ diplomas after Capitol Hill violence | Fox Business

Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates’ diplomas after Capitol Hill violence. <~ Harvard Grads should ask for a refund. It's not what it used to be... I'd gladly trade my NYU Diploma back for a Refund. Lib S-Holes.

JUST IN: Five students at Lucy Beckham High School were disciplined last week following an altercation involving a flag with President Trump's name on it, according to a district official: #scnews 


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BREAKING: The Trump administration has rescinded a rule that would have forced international students to leave the country if their colleges hold classes online this fall. The administration was sued over the new policy by Harvard and MIT.

Defund academic leftist indoctrination! It’s truly sad what’s going on in college campuses. Marquette University threatened to rescind student’s admission over pro-Trump TikTok video | The College Fix

BREAKING: The Trump administration just agreed to rescind its harmful policy that would've barred international students who attend universities or colleges that are fully online this upcoming semester. This is what victory looks like. Keep speaking out. Keep fighting back.

Nearly 183,000 Americans have died from coronavirus. More than 16 million out of work. Students across the country can’t go back to campus. More than 110,000 small businesses closed for good. This is Trump’s America.

Students love Trump's tax plan...when told it's Bernie’s!  RT!

Let’s be clear where Trump and Pence got us: millions out of work, students across our nation who cannot go back to school, and 180,000 lives cut short by coronavirus.

The school attended by Trump's son, Barron, will not reopen in September to protect students from Covid-19. Meanwhile, Trump is pushing for schools to reopen, despite the concerns of public health experts. All children should be protected from the virus, not only rich kids.

President Donald Trump holds notes during a White House listening session with students and parents affected by school shootings. (AP Photo by Carolyn Kaster)

TRUMP: Creates fake university to scam students, pays $25 million fine for fraud LEBRON: Creates top-notch public high school for low-income students, pays college tuition for every graduate

So it’s ok for Donald Trump & 1st Lady but he opposes expanding mail-in voting to vets, seniors, students &everyone else? AMERICA, please demand congress pass my bill & fund vote-by-mail now. President Trump requests absentee ballot - The Palm Beach Post