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Just published @ScienceTM . A safe #SARSCoV2  vaccine would avoid immune-associated enhanced disease (VAED). A group of vaccine experts reviews the prospects, stressing the importance of long term follow-up of Phase 3 trials w/ @ScienceVisuals  @ACKdraws 

North Dakota’s status as one of the hottest spots in the nation for the coronavirus has prompted some sharp questions about Republican Gov. Doug Burgum’s stressing individual responsibility over mandates and enforcement actions.

@zakaHQ  called for public vigilance after the decaying body of a 42-year-old man was found in his home in #Ashdod  a number of days after he died, stressing that this was the 121st person they've found in such a situation just this year.

This game is stressing me out!!!Come on @Dodgers ! ⚾️

Too much was being made of who should borrow to meet the shortfalls, Mr. Singh suggested, stressing that the investing community looks at the Centre and States' combined debt, not their disaggregated debt levels.

To those who keep stressing a lower death rate from Covid, the risk isn't overwhelming the morgues, the risk is overwhelming the hospitals and healthcare system.

Huddersfield shop boss defends CCTV mask detector stressing it 'does not discriminate or ban' anyone

Check out these affordable ideas for de-stressing.

Stop stressing--I got the perfect idea for a holiday gift. *perfectgift

On #Brexit , @eucopresident  says today's #EuCo  statement balanced, making clear UK must move but stressing the EU is also "determined to negotiate, determined to reach an agreement."


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Personal goal this year; to keep things in perspective and allow myself to thoroughly enjoy things instead of over analyzing and stressing over every single probable negative thing that could happen, that hasn’t and probably won’t.

Smoke a lil weed today stop stressing yourself

when it's 4 am and u need sleep because u have to wake up early and ur stressing out about needing to sleep so u can't sleep MAKE IT STOP

Stressing this is big: Pence said he'd never heard of the Flynn foreign agent issue, but he was head of transition. Maybe he lied?

New Video | THIS IS STRESSING ME OUT OL6X5yeAuQ i got a text the other day that nearly caused a total breakdown...