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U.S.-China relationship 'going down a path of great confrontation,' analyst says by @aarthiswami 

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Dear Fiona: I’m happily married but can’t stop having affairs

#EXCLUSIVE | China's Secrets Caught On Camera. Video leaked of living bats being held in cages inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Foreign Affairs Expert, @sreeramchaulia  and @AdityaRajKaul  with more insights.

Central Govt is absolutely clear that these people are radicalised and if they are brought back they would be a national security threat: @Shehzad_Ind  , Political Analyst, tells TIMES NOW.

#OnThisDay : June 15 marks 20th anniv of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a major constructive force in Eurasian region & global affairs. The member states' total economic scale is now close to $20 trillion; the total foreign trade tops $6.6T, a 100-fold increase over 20 yrs ago

BDO Norway AS investing heavily in AI by signing a strategic contract

#URGENT | Putin, Biden to discuss strategic stability, cybercrime at Geneva summit, Kremlin says #SputnikUrgent 

Norske Skog to close the Tasman mill in New Zealand and sell mill assets Reference is made to the stock exchange release dated 9 October 2020 regarding a strategic review of the Tasman mill in New Zealand. Norske Skog announces the closure of the Tasma…


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Important story: A Florida officer who knocked over a seated protester just before a peaceful protest against police abuse turned violent has been reviewed by internal affairs for using force 79 times in his roughly three-and-half years on the force.

We are holding an oversight hearing tomorrow to examine the irregularities in the 2020 election. A large percentage of Americans simply don't think this was a legitimate election. That’s an unsustainable state of affairs for our country.

My warmest congratulations to @JoeBiden  on his assumption of office as President of the United States of America. I look forward to working with him to strengthen India-US strategic partnership.

To state the obvious, not a great state of affairs when the incumbent president has convinced himself that chaos, street fighting, mayhem and bloodshed benefits him politically.

Doris Burke will call the conference finals and NBA Finals for ESPN Radio. She'll be the first woman to serve as a game analyst on a radio or network TV broadcast that far into the playoffs. History for Doris ?

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As people exercise their right to protest all across the country––let the undeniable paths of our progress be a guide going forward: peaceful, sustained protest; strategic, committed organizing; and purposeful, overwhelming participation at the ballot box.

BREAKING: The House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced contempt proceedings against POMPEO

Had fruitful discussion with my friend, Japanese PM @AbeShinzo  about the COVID-19 pandemic . The ???? Special Strategic & Global Partnership can help develop new technologies and solutions for the post-COVID world - for our peoples, for the Indo-Pacific region, and for the world.

Real leadership: -Working with the private sector for solutions -Launching a screening website -Initiating drive-thru testing AND topping off the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when prices are low.

Abuse of power. Fox News' top legal analyst Judge Napolitano: "What is required for removal of the president? A demonstration of presidential commission of high crimes and misdemeanors, of which in Trump's case the evidence is ample and uncontradicted."