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“The a very strange and awful place a lot of the time if you are black.” @MichaelaCoel , creator and star of #IMayDestroyYou , is @annemcelvoy ’s latest guest on “The Economist Asks” podcast

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"The Washington Tiger Kings: The franchise would capture the country’s attention intensely for a brief period of time, then get really strange, then be completely forgotten. Just like Robert Griffin III."

Ok. Strange question. Any runners have suggestions for great socks? I have my old Thorlos but my feet are a mess (blisters & runner's toe, sorry for TMI). I need a new solution

Kanye West’s Strange VP Pick Is Right About Mental Health After All

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#Space: ESO 593-8, a strange feather-like #galaxy  crossing via @HubbleTelescope 

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With over 4,000 entries to the RTÉ Short Story Competition 2020, it's a new record! “The familiar world around us suddenly looked very strange” - @DanniLmc  Award winning short story writer and #RTEShortStory  2020 judge. Updates | @RTERadio1  and

Some reports circulating of another strange fire in #Tehran  in the southwest of #Shian  forest park.. #Iran  (not confirmed) yet..

Not the most exciting second half at Old Trafford... Only thing that's really happened is Matt Le Tissier giving his strange take on things. #MUNSOU 


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According to reporting including @MeetThePress  , Trump called Putin 6 times in 2 months - March 30th, April 9th, April 10th, April 12, May 7th, June 1 ! That would be a crazy number of calls to any foreign leader. But to Putin? What on earth were they discussing? So strange.

Happy birthday @Real_Liam_Payne  .. Have a great day man .... Here we are making strange faces

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Strangest way I've ever been woken up, When ur in bed butt naked an sum1 is trying to force open your balcony this is gunna be a strange day

Strange times. You can do nothing and be a racist or you can burn down a market and NOT be an arsonist.

Strange that the media isn’t talking about this... couple of months ago he was so great they would write about him all the time, but I guess that was when he was a useful idiot to their hoax? Alexander Vindman Admits Making up Parts of Trump Call Summary

My life is strange imagine living in a dream world that u didn't dream

Just to clear things up niall didn't write illusion that was a quick joke as that would b very strange in was Julian 'Jesus' Bunetta

The last two weeks have been a strange ten years.

So glad to be in bed after a long and strange 24 hours

Had some strange dreams yesterday wonder what they all mean