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“Come From Away” tells the story of a Canadian town that took care of 7,000 airline passengers stranded there on Sept. 11, 2001. After being shut down due to the pandemic, the cast is now reassembled, rehearsed and re-energized for opening night.

#BREAKING US vows to step up 'removal flights' for migrants stranded under Texas bridge

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"They should not forget us." An Afghan man who first started working for the Americans in 2001 says he is stranded in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, along with hundreds of others who worked closely with US federal agencies and the military.

Residents and workers trying to get home from both sides of the border found themselves stranded just as rush hour traffic descended on the busy port.

US vows to step up 'removal flights' for migrants stranded at Texas bridge

@benjaminhaddad  have been focused on the US part, but why were the Australians so reluctant to just tell the French we are going in another direction? saying they should have been able to read the tea leaves is so odd.

US to step up 'removal flights' for migrants stranded at Texas bridge

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Secret Talks and a Hidden Agenda: Behind the U.S. Defense Deal That France Called a ‘Betrayal’ now, in light of the blowup, some [US] officials say they regret they did not insist that the Australians level with the French about their intentions earlier.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA! The passenger documented his experience with an irate Lyft driver who threw his luggage on the highway and left him stranded.

Meet the teenagers who carry first aid kits, help injured party-goers, stranded visitors and homeless people in the local area.


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If you’re an American stranded in Afghanistan, or know one who is, please contact my office immediately:  (501) 223-9081 or  eva @cotton  The situation is dire, but we’ll do everything in our power to help keep you informed and to help get you out.

If Trump stranded tens of thousands of Americans in arguably the largest hostage situation ever, and did so with the utter incompetence we are all seeing from the Biden administration Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would have Articles of Impeachment filed by lunchtime. #Biden 

congress briefed - gates closed at Kabul airport. 300 plus Americans and 1000s of our afghan allies left behind. STRANDED how can anyone in Biden admin keep their jobs?

Is Joe Biden really claiming that most of the Americans stranded in Afghanistan don't want to come home??? 25th Amendment right now.

Australians have watched with growing anger at what the Murdoch media monopoly is doing to our country. A cancer on democracy. Today I am launching a national petition to establish a #MurdochRoyalCommission . If you value our democracy, please sign here:

Some protesters, news crews, and medics in Minneapolis found themselves stranded after recent protests: The tires of their cars had been slashed. Many assumed protesters were to blame. But videos reveal a different culprit: the police.

President Trump took off in Air Force One 1 hr 20 minutes ago, but thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally. “We need at least 30 more buses,” an Omaha police officer just said, shaking his head at the chaotic cluster that is unfolding.

What Nancy Pelosi is neglecting to tell you is that most of these people were American citizens stranded abroad! Would be nice if CNN mentioned those minor details but we know that’s not happening. Fitting for Nancy since she seems to fight for everyone but American citizens.

How moronic of the Government of India to charge steep rail fares from the half starved migrant labourers! Indians stranded abroad were brought back free by Air India. If Railways refuse to budge then why not make PM CARES pay instead?