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Much of the media attention is naturally on the RU protests in Moscow and StPetersburg, but also this weekend protests looks like being spread all over the vast country. Here a video from its very westernmost city Kaliningrad.

More than 4.000 protesters have been arrested throughout RU today. Heavily in Moscow and StPetersburg, as one would expect, but spread all over the country.

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Truly massive police operation trying to block any protest in RU today. But people are still out. Here a scene from StPetersburg.

When you got too much horsepower! #StPetersburg 

#NotreDame clock repaired at watch factory in #StPetersburg 

One Santa is good, but a bus full of Santas is better! #StPetersburg 

Masked man commits armed robbery in #StPetersburg  bank, getting away with 500k rubles and around $8,000

Haven't seen an accident like that since 1834 #StPetersburg 


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❄️ It’s -11C in St.Petersburg and the captain, in short sleeves, leads the team out for their pre-match walk! ? #ZENCEL  #UEL 

Our prayers for #Russia  #StPetersburg  & all those injured & killed by todays tragic & criminal bombing of #StPetersburgMetro 

BREAKING: 9 reportedly injured, dozens evacuated after explosion in #StPetersburg  store

Moment FSB detains brother of suspected organizer of #StPetersburg  Metro#bombing 

VIDEO: Moment suspect organizer of #StPetersburg  metro terrorist #attack  busted by #FSB 

The show in #StPetersburg  #Russia  last night was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out! #HDSlowMotion 

Chinese President Xi Jinping offers condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin over St.Petersburg metro attack. Follow us for more.