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#Russia seeks 10-year sentence after abducting and torturing 20-year-old #CrimeanTatar  from #Kherson  oblast in #Ukraine  #Appaz_Kurtamet  #LetMyPeopleGo  #StandWithUkraine  #StopRussia 

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Did you know that according to procedure russia is to preside over the UN in April 2023? Please, react: #StopRussia 

Jerusalem Post says NATO should intervene in Ukraine now or face the wrath of history. #StopRussia 

Putin and his army are a direct threat to Europe and must be crushed. #StopRussia 

Today was a successful day for shooting down enemy air assets--3 jet bombers, 3 helicopters and 9 UAVs. #StopRussia 

New heavy weapons arrived in Ukraine at "unprecedented speed." #StopRussia 

The enemy's ecomomy is being crushed by sanctions and it is only going to get worse. #StopRussia 


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The total estimated losses of the Russian army for today. #StopPutin  #StopRussia 

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Mariupol: citizens died of hunger, city council reports. Terrifying truth | EMPR #russiaukrainewar  #StopRussia 

Better late than never. Germany finally sends Strela missiles to Ukraine to help eradicate the enemy. #StopRussia 

Demoralized enemy troops begging for food from villagers. Putin does not give one crap for them. @StopRussia