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18/Cheerleaders for poverty reduction, like @MaxCRoser  , @dinapomeranz  , @BillGates  , and @NickKristof  , are totally right to cheer. Developing countries are finding their own paths to poverty reduction. They are "crossing the river by feeling the stones ".

Stone stacks, or cairns, have prehistoric origins. But the movement of so many stones can cause erosion, damage animal ecosystems, disrupt river flow... @NewYorker 

The vessel carrying 700 tonnes of stones sank in the river around 9:30am after it hit a pillar of Kalarpole Bridge in Murari canal at Patiya#Bangladesh 

Deputy Commissioner of #Sylhet  M Kazi Emdadul Islam verbally apologised unconditionally to the High Court for not complying with its order over giving permission to the highest bidder for extraction of stones from Lava River in the district

WATCH: Strong river currents at Bato river in Catanduanes. Affected residents living along the river sought shelter in houses made out of stones. #UlyssesPH  | via @jacquemanabat 

@jacquemanabat  The structure was Fr Sanchez's thesis and fell in love with its history. The church was built in 1800s from coral stones gathered by residents from a nearby river. | via @jacquemanabat  RELATED STORY:

Stepping stones to cross the Snowy River. Only about five centimetres deep, so boots off and ankles wet. I promise that a few hundred metres climbing on the other side and you will be warm again.

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Just like they used to tie child rapists to mill stones and throw them in the river, $NFLX is going down in the same fashion. Nice relative weakness. Just a matter of time before 476.5 is tested

More than half a million people visit the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park every year, most stepping along the path of stones to cross the river at its humble beginnings. Over decades, those many feet have eroded the shoreline

A child has been rescued after falling off the stepping stones at Bolton Abbey today and there were several other near-miss incidents at Burnsall. The river is fast-flowing and high following recent rainfall - don't let your children swim in it


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A man in Russia has built a house on his own, using the stones he collected from a nearby river

📸:4 weighing stones made of basalt that were unearthed between June 20 and July 3 during the sixth phase of excavation at the ancient archaeological site of #Keeladi  in Tamil Nadu’s Sivaganga district. Keeladi is an Urban Settlement of Sangam Age on the banks of river Vaigai

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On this day in 1941, after turning a lifelong battle with the darkness into transcendent literature, Virginia Woolf filled her pockets with stones, waded into the River Ouse, and drowned. She left this stirring suicide note, which the media cruelly warped:

A warning from the ancient "Hunger Stones" now reappearing in Europe's Elbe River: Low water levels mean hard times are coming.

Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain School District has equipped every classroom with a five-gallon bucket of river stones as a defense in the event of an active shooter.

Each classroom has been equipped with a five-gallon bucket of river stones, and anyone who enters a classroom with a weapon will face a room full of students ready to stone them, according to the Superintendent.

Virginia Woolf wrote parts of all her major works in a converted toolshed she called her “writing lodge.” The shed was also where she wrote her farewell letter to Leonard on March 28, 1941, before heading to the River Ouse with pockets full of stones.

Millions of years ago, precious gem stones from the heart of southern Africa washed westward along the Orange River and emptied into the Atlantic Ocean. Today, enormous mining vessels suck diamonds from the seabed.

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On this day in 1941, Virginia Woolf filled her coat pockets with stones, walked into the River Ouse, and drowned. Here is the letter she left behind and the story of its exploitive misrepresentation in the press of her day:

#OnThisDay in 1941, Virginia Woolf drowned herself by filling her overcoat pockets with stones and walking into the River Ouse near her home

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