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THE CROWN: Called Filipina, the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 crown features the colors of the Philippine flag, with blue, red, and yellow precious stones.

BJP should think why its foundation stones are coming off: Uddhav Thackeray 👉

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“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” ― Winston Churchill

President Trump has added the "YMCA" as the finale to his rallies in the campaign's closing stretch after the stones'>Rolling Stones threatened to sue if Trump didn’t stop using their song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want".

BJP Must Think Why Its Foundation Stones Are Coming Off: Uddhav Thackeray

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From its sparkling color to its precious stones, the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 crown was designed to "showcase Filipino identity." #PhenomenalWoman  #MissUniversePhilippines  #MissUniversePhilippines20202020 

@djsendai  @HoarseWispererThe  most terrifying thing about the Puritan mindset is when someone says *don't throw stones at the person who did the bad thing* and someone in the crowd turns on that person and says *he must have done/thought a bad thing too*. Do you want to be that person in the crowd?

A number of vodka brands use different forms of diamond filtration. Is it just hype or can precious stones improve the taste of alcohol?

Some want to know: Reality, a holographic system of light engineered by not just one stone by is ran and kept operational by many stones in the sea. The humans have a tendency to think there's only one stone, no. There are many stones in the sea running all operations of reality.

The DOJ will file an­titrust law­suit Tues­. al­leg­ing Google engaged in anti­com­pet­i­tive con­duct to pre­serve mo­nop­o­lies in search and search-advertising that form cor­ner­stones of its vast con­glom­er­ate, ac­cord­ing to se­nior DOJ of­fi­cials.


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“Change Hearts Not Stones. There is no end to historical purification.” Great historian Doug Wead

Trump just commuted RogerStone’s sentence. Stone lied and intimidated witnesses to hide Trump’s exploitation of the Russian hack of his opponent’s campaign. With Trump there are now two systems of justice in America: One for Trump's criminal friends and one for everyone else.

Are they still infinity stones if they get thrown out the day after Halloween?

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Commuting Roger Stone’s sentence is a terrible blow to justice and the rule of law. Through this act, Trump is saying: “If you lie for me, if you cover up for me, if you obstruct for me, I will protect you.” Another tragic day for American democracy.

Richard Nixon is finally going to prison. On Roger Stone’s back.

One of them days when the sun is splitting the stones and i can't be arsed t get out of bed ! Haha

By recommending a reduction in Roger Stone’s sentence, President Trump is corrupting the Department of Justice to benefit himself and his friends. Prosecutorial independence is a pillar of a rule of law society. Congress must now do all it can to ensure that pillar still stands.

Roger Stone’s indictment makes clear there was a deliberate, coordinated effort by top Trump campaign officials to subvert the will of the American people during the 2016 Election. #FollowTheFacts 

Hell yeah! Shit went down in Washington last night ! The stones were on fire!

I actually said don't throw stones into rivers that are already raging ..