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#Sensex hits 50,000, Nifty tops 14,700; new all-time highs for India’s #stockmarket  indices


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Stock-market over past month. China: +13.4% Turkey: +7.4% India: +6.1% Brazil: +3.1% Russia: +3.1% Netherlands: +2.8% Saudi: +1.8% Korea: +0.2% Italy: -0.2% Germany: -0.4% France: -1.4% Indonesia: -1.6% Japan: -2.1% Australia: -2.7% UK: -3% Spain: -4% US (Dow): -4.8%

JUST IN: India's stock-market down by almost 11%

BREAKING: Italy's stock-market has surged by 7.8%

JUST IN: Trading halted at Indian stock-market after it hits 10% lower circuit

BREAKING: Norway's stockmarket has fallen by over 12%

BREAKING: Saudistockmarket falls by over 9% as oil prices plunge

If Elizabeth Warren's entire plan were enacted, roughly half the stockmarket and private-equity owned firms would be broken up, have some activities prohibited or face heavy regulation

BREAKING: Trump has discussed firing Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell as his frustration has intensified after this week’s interest-rate increase and months of stock-market losses. Advisers close to Trump aren’t convinced he will try to do it, but say he wants to.

Facebook just had the biggest stock-market wipeout in American history

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News outlets that mentioned stock-market record today (partial list): WaPo, CNBC, WSJ, NYT, Fortune, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, AP, Reuters, Yahoo, USA Today, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Time, Bloomberg, ChiTrib, DallasMN, LATimes, BBC, VOA, SFChron, BizInsider, HoustonChron, NewsMax, Patch...