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Political differences were set aside this morning as Boris Johnson was joined by Sir Keir Starmer in a united show of mourning at the church in Leigh-on-Sea, where Sir David Amess was murdered on Friday.

Danny Rodriguez’s internet sources before he electroshocked Officer Mike Fanone? Steven Crowder, Mark Dice, InfoWars, the Hodgetwins.

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Residents of Leigh-on-Sea express their shock and disbelief following the murder of British lawmaker David Amess. Amess was stabbed repeatedly during a meeting with constituents.

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca is unveiling an all-or-nothing pledge to introduce a ranked ballot system for provincial elections, pitching it as a way to reduce partisanship and staking his leadership on it.

How to Manage Credit Cards for Your Small Business | by @DrStevenGhim 

David Amess, 69, was fatally stabbed around noon on Friday while meeting with constituents in Leigh-on-Sea, a town about 62 kilometres east of London.

Veteran Conservative MP David Amess, 69, was talking with voters at a church in the small town of Leigh-on-Sea east of London when he was stabbed to death on Friday.

Better-looking or better-educated billionaires do not have greater wealth than other billionaires, but billionaires are better-looking and more educated than average for their age, from Daniel S. Hamermesh and Andrew Leigh

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Jamie Lee Curtis is on the red carpet of #HalloweenKills  dressed as Marion Crane from #Psycho , the role played by her mother, Janet Leigh, in Alfred Hitchcock’s original film

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You can live here but be quiet. You can work here but not all of you. You can speak at the table but not too loud. You can play for us but you can’t lose. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Black British Experience. We stand with you Kings 🖤 x Leigh

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Steven Menashi concocted a plan to illegally use the private Social Security data of defrauded student borrowers to deny them debt forgiveness after they were preyed upon by for-profit schools This is someone Pres. Trump wants us to make a federal judge?

BREAKING: Memphis is finalizing a trade to send Jonas Valanciunas and 2021 Nos. 17 and 51 picks to New Orleans for Steven Adams, Eric Bledsoe, 2021 picks Nos. 10 and 40 and a protected 2022 first-round pick via the Lakers, sources tell ESPN.

Why is it that the two women of colour are always mistaken for each other? 10 years in and still this is happening. This is the type of shit Jade and I have had to deal with for 10 years and this is another reason as to why I was fuelled to make my doc. #DOBETTER  Leigh x

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Steven Crowder has been suspended from Twitter after saying he can confirm that people voted at address that do no exist He stated the same in this video

For some reason, this isn’t getting much play. “The FBI has announced that Steven Carrillo, the Air Force sergeant who murdered law enforcement officers in California during protests earlier this month, is associated with the right-wing Boogaloo movement.”

Steven Adams had to shimmy after sinking this wild half-court shot ?

Congrats to Julia and Steven, the filmmakers behind American Factory, for telling such a complex, moving story about the very human consequences of wrenching economic change. Glad to see two talented and downright good people take home the Oscar for Higher Ground’s first release.