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WATCH: Steve Kornacki break downs new polling that shows Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump is narrowing. #TrackingKornacki 

WATCH: Wisconsin poll shows Biden with 8 point lead in the state. Steve Kornacki explains what that may mean for the election in November. @SteveKornacki : “The average nationally is a double-digit lead for Biden.”

WATCH: Steve Kornacki heads to the big board to break down what happened in last night’s primaries.

You know who I really don’t need TONIGHT @MSNBC ? Steve Kornacki. We needed @JoyAnnReid  tonight. We need #JoyAnnReid  EVERY night. #Sheesh  Welp, to @CNN , I go.

WATCH: Steve Kornacki breaks down the latest coronavirus numbers as states reopen across the U.S. #TrackingKornacki 

The new normal: watching Steve Kornacki breathlessly roll through coronavirus stats at the big board with the same enthusiasm of Iowa caucus results

ICYMI: Steve Kornacki looks at covid testing numbers and shows how the U.S. stacks against other countries. #MTPDaily  @SteveKornacki : "There's significant room for the United States' testing rate to go up compared to other countries."


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MSNBC is wild bc it’s like 2 minutes of Steve Kornacki being reasonable and informative and then just people losing their goddamn minds for 40 minutes

Chris Matthews went to break after 2 minutes, Steve Kornacki came back looking stunned, called Matthews a giant, and went to break again. This hardly looks like MSNBC had planned for his abrupt announcement

"That was a lot to take in, " said @MSNBC  host Steve Kornacki following Matthews' announcement. He called Matthews "a giant " and "a legend, " adding "I think you're going to miss him and I will, too, " and then immediately went to commercial break.

Excited to come back to Hardball next Monday after a wonderful vacation in New Zealand. Thank you to Steve Kornacki for doing an excellent job hosting the show while I was away.

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College-educated women are at the heart of the resistance movement against President Trump, 's Steve Kornacki reports.