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The ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by Montana's steve bullock'>Governor Steve Bullock, and will likely be seen as a political win for the Democrat, who's in a tight bid to unseat Republican Sen. Steve Daines

Despite the state's rightward tilt, the Democratic Senate candidate, Steve Bullock, is very competitive.

It’s easy to see why Democrats are high on Steve Bullock, @henryolsenEPPC  writes. Republican Sen. Steve Daines, however, is ready for the fight:

"In the hotly contested Senate race — one that could decide which party has control of the chamber — the Republican Steve Daines led the steve bullock'>Democrat Steve Bullock by one point, 45 percent to 44 percent" @Nate_Cohn 

Steve Bullock says the Supreme Court vacancy should not be filled until after the inauguration: "Four years ago, Senator Daines said, 'Let the people speak.' Montanans should be able to count on their senator to keep his word."

Smart @hollyotterbein  @AlxThomp  observation on how down-ballot Ds like Sara Gideon and Steve Bullock are splitting from Biden on their door-to-door campaigning strategy

I got four mailers today from The Club For Growth. Two of them told me that Bullock will have us speaking Mandarin and eating bats. The other two told me that Steve Daines is a living god who will personally prevent forest fires and give me free venison.

Hey @brianschatz  here’s my big idea. Can we raise $100K (yes $100K) for Steve Bullock? I checked - the last poll has the Montana Senate race TIED. And it’s the tipping point race. We win, McConnell’s out of a job. Here’s the link. I think we can do it.


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MT Gov Steve Bullock is a disgusting man A college-aged woman on her TikTok describes a terrible experience where he “grabbed [her] butt” while taking a photo together at a Dem Gov gala in DC

CBS News obtained audio of a call Monday between Pres. Trump and rural state governors about coronavirus. After Montana Gov. Steve Bullock discusses difficulty getting testing equipment, Trump says, "I haven't heard anything about testing being a problem"

Montana could flip the Senate to the Democrats. Inside the state’s heated race between Senator Steve Daines and Governor Steve Bullock.

Wow, big news in Montana’s senate race. Former Official Accuses Steve Bullock of Fraud, Intimidation. #MT  #MTSEN 

...Steve Bullock is totally against your Second Amendment and just received an F rating from the @NRA  . Steve, on the other hand, just received an A+ rating. Vote for Steve Daines. He has always had my Complete and Total Endorsement! #MTSEN 

“A former Montana health official said Democratic governor Steve Bullock threatened her and other state employees who tried to blow the whistle on welfare fraud.” #mt  #mtsensen 

Nothing will change in DC unless we change who runs the Senate. Thanks to everyone on twitter who stepped up last night and helped @brianschatz  and me raise $45,000 (!!) for steve bullock'>Governor Steve Bullock, our fantastic candidate in Montana. Latest poll is 47-47 so every dollar counts.

🚨🚨 McConnell bought $2.8M of ads in Montana this month. Why? Last poll is 47-47. Montana likely decides control of the Senate. @brianschatz  and I want to raise $28,000 tonight for our candidate, Gov. Steve Bullock, so he can respond. Will you help?

Opinion: Stacy Abrams, Steve Bullock and Beto O’Rourke — you’re needed in the Senate