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Trump ally Stephen Moore: President "going to leave the office triumphant"

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Trump econ advisor Stephen Moore calls Yellen a "budget hawk": "Yellen is a well respected economist. She has been a budget hawk and that is what is needed in the years to come."

Stephen Moore says that Trump will leave office 'triumphant,' comparing him to Winston Churchill#WallSt 

Stephen Moore says that Trump will leave office 'triumphant,' comparing him to Winston Churchill

In this interview, Stephen Moore, who still serves as an official Trump campaign surrogate & as an outside adviser to Trump, said on-record what so many close to DJT say not on-rec: —Biden won —little to no chance the Trump legal blitz is going to work

Stephen Moore: It's 'Depressing' Biden Won, Time for Trump To Focus on Final Months in Office @swin24  / The Daily Beast)

Stephen Moore: It’s ‘Depressing’ Biden Won, Time for Trump To Focus on Final Months in Office #WallSt 

NEW: Top Trump ally Stephen Moore concedes the loss. “It is what it is.” Calls it “depressing” but says Trump should start working on final months in office. Via @swin24 

Trump's 'a little grouchy' about the results he's seeing, says Stephen Moore


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Even Senate Rs consider this a terrible idea. So where's Trump getting it from? The immediate answer seems to be Stephen Moore, whose previous greatest hits include predicting that tax cuts would create a Kansas economic miracle 5/

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Stephen Moore, Trump adviser: "He should stop saying things that are untrue." Me: "But he does say things that are untrue." Moore: "He does." Me: "So he's a liar?" Moore: [laughs] I'm never gonna say that." *NEW* highlight from my @AJHeadtoHead  interview:

For the new season of @AJHeadtoHead  today, I pushed top Trump adviser Stephen Moore on why he won't say Trump's "send them back" remarks are racist. I did at least get him to admit that @realDonaldTrump  is "too divisive" - watch the preview clip:

STEPHEN MOORE, who sits on TRUMP's re-opening task force, helped plan a protest in Wisconsin. He was invited to attended, but said he was leaning against it — not because of health risks — but because he didn't want to be seen as pulling the strings.

....doesn’t even include the almost $2000 that the families got from the Trump Tax Cut.” Stephen Moore, Freedomworks That means $5000 to $6000 more in disposable yearly income that Americans have right now because of President Trump!

Stephen Moore—Trump's Fed pick—wants kids to be working. “I’m a radical on this,” he said in 2016. “I’d get rid of a lot of these child labor laws. I want people starting to work at 11, 12.” This guy really has tried to be publicly wrong about everything.

Trump’s Fed pick Stephen Moore was held in contempt of court over $300K alimony and child support debt: report

Meanwhile, I didn't think Trump could do worse than Stephen Moore for the Fed. But never underestimate his resourcefulness 1/

Scoop on how this went down: At lunch last week, Kudlow showed Trump Stephen Moore’s op-ed in WSJ. Trump said: Why didn’t we make him Fed chair. Kudlow said you could name him to one of open seats. Trump said call him. Later Trump called Moore, too.

Why the Left hates prosperity —Stephen Moore is exactly right — the more Trump succeeds, the more unhinged the Left becomes