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In this episode of “Bouncing Back” NBC News Senior Business CorrespondentStephanie Ruhle meets Carla Dilorenzo, the chef and co-owner of Los Tanitos in Miami. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Carla pivoted her business to focus on new ways to reach customers.

Stephanie Ruhle: You're 2nd in line for the presidency. Has the WH contacted you about the continuity of government? Pelosi: "No, they haven't.... Let us just all pray for the president’s health. Thank god the vice president has tested negatively and the Second Lady as well."

the stephanie ruhle clip is a perfect example of how the class anxieties of the millionaires who work in television completely distort our politics

Mstephanie ruhle'>SNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle rips Joe Biden for his “Scranton vs. Park Avenue” message: "I don't live on Park Ave but I live pretty close to it. You know how I got there? Working my butt off. He [Biden] doesn't want my vote?"


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Today’s report on 1st quarter GDP growth is drawing praise: -CNBC’s Rick Santelli: Numbers are “really powerful” -stephanie ruhle'>MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: “Beautiful” report -Fox Business Maria Bartiromo: “Wildly better than expectations”

According to this account, Stephanie Ruhle rode with him on his plane, advised him on business matters and talked about his company’s products on the air. Story says MSNBC had no comment.

WATCH: Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle ask GOP. Rep. Chris Stewart about the merits of the Republican tax bill. Learn the latest:

Stephanie Ruhle stuns John Kasich for babbling about civility: ‘I don’t have Mitch McConnell’s number — you do’

‘I’m going to use the word liar’: Watch Stephanie Ruhle’s brutal fact-check of Trump’s Tennessee speech

Students who have called for stronger gun control measures are now the subject of conspiracy theories. ​'s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle debunk these "crisis actor" conspiracies

Mstephanie ruhle'>SNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle connects the dots in latest Mueller indictment to tie Trump directly to Putin

Stephanie Ruhle Calls Out Sen. Portman For Florida Tweet: ‘Thoughts, Prayers & $3M in Donations From the NRA’

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