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The financial aftermath was bad enough after their restaurant business was linked to a Covid cluster. But nothing could prepare David and Stephanie Boyd from Thai Rock for what came next.

Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett announced that her office had determined that PG&E was “criminally liable” for the Zogg Fire.

Corporate Tax Avoidance Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Stephanie Clegg / ITEP)

"We are back in this place with hospital rooms being filled and having our health care system overburdened," says Rep. Stephanie Murphy. "As a country, we need to be able to pull together. Do the simple things. It's simple to put a mask on, go get vaccinated."

Stephanie Dolson: “Hopefully we started something for USA Basketball when it comes to 3-on-3. Everyone knows us for 5-on-5. I think we started something special with this as well"

Stephanie Dolson: “Hopefully we started something for USA Basketball when it comes to 3-on-3. Everyone knows us for 5-on-5. I think we started something special with this as well"

The rules around COVId-19 are set to change in Alberta in a big way. Stephanie Thomas explains.

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Sources say Max Miller has a history of aggressive behavior that includes slapping his ex-girlfriend, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham

“Pennsylvania and its abundant supply of shale gas has sustained our state’s economy while generating good jobs and cleaner, affordable energy” - Stephanie Catarino, @API_Penna 


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"Melania and the White House had accused me of criminal activity, had publicly shamed and fired me, and made me their scapegoat," Stephanie Winston Wolkoff says of her decision to record conversations with the first lady. "At that moment in time, that's when I pressed record."

State Sen. Stephanie Flowers had a powerful and emotional response to a white lawmaker trying to silence her in a debate on Arkansas' ‘stand your ground’ gun laws

@S Ruhle asks WV Gov. Justice about signing a bill restricting transgender athletes. Ruhle: "Can you give me one example of a transgender child trying to get an unfair advantage? Just one in your state, you signed a bill about it." Justice: "No, I can't really tell you one."

"The jacket was... a publicity stunt, and it was to garner the attention of the press, to make sure that everyone was aware that Melania was going to the border." Melania Trump's former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, on the infamous "I really don't care. Do U?" jacket.

Washington HC Ron Rivera was declared cancer-free after a checkup Thursday, according to tweets from his wife Stephanie and daughter Courtney.

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FLOTUS chief of staff and former press sec Stephanie Grisham has submitted her resignation, @KateBennett_DC  reporting.

Last night’s debate upset me more than when Stephanie drove a car into the kitchen.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff provided tens of thousands of documents to the DC Attorney General about the Trump inaugural, including serious allegations that inaugural funds were funneled to the Trump family -- now a judge has ruled that the case may proceed:

MUST WATCH TV: If you’re still unclear what impact the rioting and violence is having on the most vulnerable among us, please listen to Stephanie, a disabled Minneapolis woman who offers her heart-wrenching experience after last night’s violence. Great work by @BenryKAAL ⁩

Breaking: Stephanie Grisham is out as WH press secretary. She is leaving the job without ever having briefed the press.